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Modern curtains for elegant interior decoration

The curtains can play both a functional and a practical role in a modern context. They can be used as decoration, but also structure the room and control the flow of light or heat loss. In this article we stick to the first aspect. How can curtains provide more relaxation, reflection, a good mood and, above all, a feeling of comfort and sophisticated elegance? Find out more about it from our picture examples for great interior design with curtains.

living room-modern-curtains

Choose suitable textiles for your curtains and create a modern room look

Everything starts with the selection of suitable textiles, because this aspect is particularly obvious and easy to grasp. Which are the particularly elegant and noble-looking fabrics? On the one hand, there are the very soft and delicate fabrics such as silk or the very heavy, dense drapery made of velvet. Choose this or one of the many modern variants that show similar aesthetics.


Small ornaments and embellishments sometimes have a big visual impact

The clever use of ornaments can also refine the look of curtains and drapes. These are usually the tassels, but you can also choose certain patterns for a modern design. In the second case, they reflect other shapes in the room.

Curtains themselves become an ornament
The way in which you open the curtains also has a stylistic meaning. If they are tied in the middle on both sides, then they show a classic application of this. In addition to the modern variants with process design, which themselves act as an ornament, there are also these with two layers – one straight long in the background and an oval in the front.

curtain design-modern-curtains

Pure elegance in the curtain design and in the room furnishings

The modern variants often show elegance through their simplicity. They are usually executed in one or two nuances and show their upscale character mainly through the texture and the interplay of different fabrics. Modern and simple curtains in metallic and other very current shades are just great. In this form, they go very well with ultra-modern spaces and even kitchens. With the curtains, elegance and modernity can go hand in hand. That is why they are an important part of modern design and, above all, they are a good method to achieve an upscale style in the interior. Do not throw away this possibility with a light hand!

modern curtains

Elegance and modernity go hand in hand


Thin curtains decorate the window and bring an elegant flair into the room


Modern curtains give the bedroom the finishing touch


Pure elegance

window-fireplace-couch-modern curtains

Bright curtains can be used in any room


Beautifully patterned curtains are eye-catching

light green-curtains-modern-curtains

Light green curtains provide more freshness in the ambience

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