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Modern strategies for storage space for your kitchen furnishings

When it comes to furnishing the kitchen (regardless of whether you feel like it or not), you have to remain very practical and think about storage space. There are now many elegant variants and several great examples of successful storage space in the kitchen. On the one hand, this opens up many interesting design options for you. At the same time, however, you can do a lot wrong. And we want to warn you about that.

Kitchen cabinets

Let’s start with the traditional variant for storage space in the kitchen. It’s about the locked cabinets. The biggest advantage here is that you can of course make a lot of small things invisible. This creates a seamless, elegant, modern space. This is suitable for people who are reluctant to waste a lot of time cleaning up. However, the locked kitchen cabinets can visually greatly narrow a narrow space. In addition, opening and closing in this case is quite strenuous and not particularly pleasant. However, these problems can be solved with the appropriate colors and mechanisms.

Küchenschränke weiß Holzoptik

In principle, locked kitchen cabinets offer a lot of storage space in the kitchen.

Regardless of the reason you chose the locked kitchen cabinets, you have to make an effort to decorate them. This solution for the storage space is just not particularly individual. That is why you should optically enrich the room with appropriate accents.
With a larger number of kitchen cabinets, the monochrome color scheme could become too boring. In this case, you can combine several shades of color with each other.

Küchen mit Kochinsel kochinsel

Create a uniform kitchen design with plenty of storage space

Open shelves

Is your kitchen way too tight? Don’t be afraid to use open shelves. This storage system also offers many advantages. This allows the kitchen to appear full of character.
Depending on what kind of items you are flaunting, you can achieve a different combination of colors and textures each time. At the same time, the kitchen equipment looks wider and lighter. This effect will be even more noticeable if you opt for light shades.
The best order is not always a must for the beautiful appearance of the open shelves. It is sufficient if there is a principle that is in place throughout. Maybe you can sort the items by color, but also maybe by function or size. This will make the design of the kitchen shelves convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

küche einrichten ideen offene regale

Open shelves in the kitchen are also a great option, because you always have everything you need within reach and in front of your eyes

Concentration of storage space in the upper area of ​​the kitchen
How about the distribution of the storage areas? These can be completely moved up or down. Let’s look at the first variant. Rather, if you move everything up, you have tread. Under the worktop you can stow larger objects, side tables, stools and kitchen appliances.
Many people also think that moving the storage space upwards is much more practical because it makes it easier to get an overview.

Kücheninsel weiß schwarz Kontrast

The modern kitchen must have plenty of storage space

The storage space is moved downwards

Concentrating the storage space in the lower area also has some important advantages. The empty walls in the upper area visually expand your kitchen. In addition, even with open shelves, the clutter is not immediately noticed.
The disadvantage is that you have less running surface than in the variant described above. The open walls can also be beautifully decorated, giving the kitchen a comfortable character. The functional aspect takes a back seat. This is very useful when integrating the kitchen into an open plan, usually with a dining or living room.

küchendesign stauraum ideen offene wandregale

More storage space in the base units makes your work in the kitchen easier


Many combinations of the variants just described are possible. This allows you to emphasize the advantages of a room and ensure a lot of harmony and balance. The combination of open and closed storage areas allows you to only show those items that you really love. The rest can be stowed away nicely in cupboards.
If you have a kitchen with an irregular floor plan, strategic storage space can be shifted up in certain areas and down in others. In this way, you can clearly define different zones and / or compensate for the visual gravity of the kitchen furnishings.

оffene Küche design Unterschrank und Küche

A successful combination of open shelves and locked base cabinets

Marmorplatten Küche Weißem Marmor Küche Kücheninseln Küchenschränke

When designing the kitchen, remember that you will be there every day

wunderschöne Ideen für Küchengestaltung

Make yourself comfortable in the kitchen and give the room a stylish look

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