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Practical tips for modern furnishings in the living room

Today we want to dedicate our contribution to the subject of living room furnishings. We have prepared interesting, practically oriented tips for you that will definitely help you to create a cozy ambience in your living room, where you like to spend your time. The best thing is that the following furnishing ideas do not depend on any trends and can be implemented with a minimal budget and in different room sizes. They have already proven themselves in practice over the course of many years.

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The arrangement of the seating furniture is very important

We begin our practical overview with a particularly important point – with the arrangement of the seating furniture. The first rule is very clear: yours Seating from a couch and one or two armchairs should be arranged so that all peoplewho are currently sitting on it facing each other. The arrangement could be in the form of a rectangles to have. This undoubtedly promotes communication, because everyone seated is facing one another. But see to that your seating furniture Easily relocated because you could rearrange the arrangement if necessary; in most cases when you are watching TV everyone needs to be able to see the screen. Therefore, reconsider the possibility of placing a corner sofa in your living room. It’s always very convenient and very practical.


You might want to break your own style in some places!

Before you start furnishing your living room, first determine your furnishing style. Choose a matching basic color. But don’t do everything in this color! For example, an interior all in white can be broken up by some color accents and your living room would look more interesting and relaxed that way. A floor carpet with graphic patterns could totally spice up the facility.


Create small groups of decorative elements

You can arrange fragrant tea lights, modern candlesticks and beautiful vases in groups. These look even nicer and more attractive when they are grouped together with three, five or some other odd number.

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It is better to hang the pictures so that they are at eye level when you are seated

If pictures hang too high or too low, it has a depressing and inhibiting effect on the whole living room design. Choose the right position for you! First, think about from which angle you usually look at these art treasures and hang them at eye level so that you can also admire them while sitting.

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Find the best place for the media corner

A media corner at home is already a must in the living room. But you should of course choose the best place for it. A television integrated into the bookcase is a good idea if you also keep the necessary distance from the sofa or sofa. In addition, the television must not be too close to the floor, the desired distance is at least one meter. If you have a music system or other modern technology, you could place it in the immediate vicinity of the television and create a media wall or media corner.


With the right lighting, you can create a cozy atmosphere in the living room

When it comes to decorating the living room, you often have to ask yourself what activities you do most often there. Maybe you prefer to read instead of watching TV? Or do you like to play there with your children? In all of these cases you need suitable lighting. An elegant floor lamp next to the armchair can provide you with the necessary directional light Ensure reading. A hanging lamp will find its place directly above the table if you like to organize game evenings at home. You could find all sorts of suitable lighting in stores, you just need to determine its destination in advance.

And one more thing: It is well known that the right lighting can contribute a lot to a cozy room atmosphere.

modern-dining-chairs-corner sofa

If you often eat together in the living room or like to invite guests over, you definitely need a dining area there.

living room idea wall

Integrated light is always necessary

wall decor ideas

Showcase your favorite souvenirs, souvenirs and other small decorative items! This arrangement is always eye-catching and immediately attracts attention!


An interior only in light shades, as in the picture in white and light gray, can be loosened up with color accents or metal glitter.

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