Multifunctional: Procamp Mini Caravan

The Procamp Mini Caravan range is new to the European market. 6 different models are manufactured in the Czech Republic. The biggest advantage of the mini multifunctional pendant in the shape of a drop is its lightness. This makes the different models suitable for ATVs and quads as towing vehicles. The Procamp Mini Caravan, made from recycled materials, is available in different versions: the most popular are the Wave, Pioneer and Bushcamp models.

Procamp Mini Caravan: eco friendly

All models in the Procamp Mini Caravan line weigh a maximum of 750 kilograms and Procamp Mini Caravan: the Wave model is one of the most popular modelstherefore fall under trailer category 01, which means that you do not need a group E driving license to steer them. Its low weight also supports a comparatively low Procamp Mini Caravan: the Bushrider model with roof tentFuel consumption, to which the teardrop shape also contributes: The teardrop enables good aerodynamics, according to information from the manufacturer.
Of course, the design is also striking: it ranges from the retro look to the modern, clear design. In addition, the Procamp Mini Caravan is comfortable and functional. There are numerous accessories for the Procamp Mini Caravan on request, and you can also have it in a camouflage look.

price and availability

Cheapest too Procamp Mini Caravan: variable interior designthe Pioneer is available, starting at a retail price of 6,544 euros. The Wave starts at 7,853 euros. There are currently four dealers in Germany who sell the Procamp Mini Caravan: Autohaus Nord in Neumünster, Neureuther-Automobile in Edingen-Neckarhausen, Kirsten trailers in Wittlich and Gustav Dehler in Coburg. In Austria, they are currently being sold by Harald Böhm in Steyr.
procampFurther information on ATV and quad trailers in comparison can be found in the ATV&Quad Magazine issue 2016/05-06 from page 48, which will be available from June 17, 2016 at the following kiosks in Germany: > / ATV&QUAD Magazin. ATV&QUAD Magazine is also available in Austria and Switzerland, in well-stocked magazine stores. chk

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