Acewell: Navi GoRider Excalibur XL

The new Navi GoRider Excalibur XL is an affordable modern large-screen satnav that is characterized by its robustness, but is quite thin and waterproof. In the basic version, the navigation system has complete, detailed maps of Europe that can be updated free of charge. Additional maps of 345 countries and islands are optionally available for download – also at no additional cost. The mounting bracket is included and the advanced Bluetooth capabilities work with any Bluetooth headset that is not included in the price. It can optionally be expanded with tire pressure sensors.

Navi GoRider Excalibur XL: Product Description

Navi GoRider Excalibur XL: works right out of the boxThe system has the essential functions of simple navigation and more that are otherwise only found on the most expensive GPS systems. For example, it is possible to select routes with more or fewer curves, save or plan routes driven.
AcewellThe case of the Navi GoRider Excalibur XL is made of sturdy material with rubber soft edges to withstand bumps, shocks and weather conditions. The software can keep up with more expensive competitors. The operating system provides an initial screen for navigation, multimedia use and settings. The system works right out of the box and is ready to use.

Price & scope of delivery

The Navi GoRider Excalibur XL comes with a GPS mount and sun visor, a charging cradle with a power supply unit (9-24V), a USB cable for the PC connection, a 220V socket adapter and a transport bag. It is available at a retail price of 249.95 euros. Optionally there are Pro & Pro DUO kits (headset for 1 or 2 drivers/passengers) and tire pressure sensors (kit for 99.95 euros). chk

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