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Types of Keystone Jacks

Keystone jacks come in various varieties, from RJ-45 connectors used for network connections to F connectors used with coaxial cable, HDMI jacks for high definition multimedia connections or standard 3.5 mm TRS jacks used to connect audio equipment.

Panduit’s NetKey CAT 6 UTP RJ-45 Punchdown Keystone Jack Module offers superior performance by terminating four pairs, 22-26 AWG twisted pair cable. Equipped with gold-plated contacts for optimal conductivity, it can be integrated seamlessly with NetKey face plates, modular patch panels and surface-mount boxes for use.

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Personal Life

Panduit NetKey CAT5e/CAT6 Modules are designed for quick installation and removal, offering flexibility and performance standards necessary for today’s demanding network environment. Each RJ-45 jack module undergoes testing to meet performance specifications while offering fast deployment options that meet changing business demands. Each jack is coated with 50 micro inches of gold for optimal performance, and utilizes an industry standard termination style compatible with Panduit modular faceplates and patch panels. The NetKey CAT6A UTP jack is specifically designed to terminate four 22 to 26 AWG AWG cables using 50 micro-inches of gold for optimal conductivity, meeting industry performance requirements while remaining fully factory tested to surpass industry benchmarks for performance standards and interoperability with all keystone interfaces including faceplates, patch panels and surface mount boxes from Keystone interface manufacturers such as NetKey.

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