Nine months pregnancy in 4 minutes

That in nine months of pregnancy a perfect baby develops from a single fertilized egg cell that we can hold in our arms after birth is a downright miracle. This video shows you the course of a complete pregnancy in 4 minutes. Beautiful and incredibly interesting.

Most of us have certainly already seen pictures or animated videos of pregnancies. Of course it was the same for us. But this 4-minute clip pulls the viewer right into the action. You almost get the feeling (honestly) that you can still remember your own time in the baby bump.

From the fertilization of the egg to the first beats of the still tiny heart and playing with the umbilical cord. The growing baby is already extremely active in mom’s belly. Every pregnant woman can confirm this point at the latest after the first kick from the stomach. Because when mom wants to sleep, the baby is sometimes in great shape and wants to be entertained.

What the whole thing looks like from the inside (from the baby’s point of view) is difficult to imagine during pregnancy. No ultrasound image in the world depicts the inside of an amniotic sac as if you were looking at it from there. The slight incidence of light, which allows the baby to look at his hands, can only be shown in animation.

After watching this video, our respect for being pregnant and having a baby has increased dramatically once again. Thank you to the creators of this animation! It takes a real desire to do well to put out such an impressive clip. Enjoy watching. 😇

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