Pad Jack

Pad Jack

RV jack pads help provide extra lift than what can be provided by just using the jack itself, and also act as a protective barrier between it and the ground, protecting both from damages to its components and premature wear.

The PadJack SV RJ45 Lock snaps securely into any industry-standard jack, physically restricting and blocking cord access in order to prevent security breaches and provide cost effective physical network security.

Early Life and Education

PadJack was created by an IT engineer, who recognized the need for physical network security after accidentally plugging an endpoint device into an open RJ45 port during a hospital visit and gaining access to its internal network. As a result, he created the RJ45 lock that physically restricts unauthorised users from accessing mission critical data. PadJack is currently available in three variations to meet different organizational needs – providing protection under VoIP phones as well as public spaces such as conference rooms or hallways.

Professional Career

Pad Jacks are designed to support heavy loads that are low to the ground, distributing their load through pivoting action and lifting capacities up to 20 tonnes.

PadJack was created by an IT engineer after unwittingly gaining entry to a hospital network by plugging a standard Ethernet cable into an RJ45 wall jack while visiting family. He realized that most organizations focus on security at a firewall or system level; however, many have exposed network jacks and open ports in conference rooms, hallways and lobbies which create potential points of breach for physical attacks.

Bogert Aviation Landing Gear Jacks feature these jack pads to allow aircraft to be raised without the need to deploy all four sets of wing jacks at once, making the process faster and safer than ever. Furthermore, these pads help protect jack stands from scrapes, nicks and scratches in your paint job while simultaneously raising aircraft.

Personal Life

Pad jack’s personal life revolves around family and friends. He lives in a luxurious house in south west London with Roxy Horner and their daughter. Together they enjoy traveling and have a long list of exciting experiences they want to undertake; setting goals each year to help achieve all that is on their wishlist.

He is very passionate about technology and is very active on social media, posting updates about his life and latest ventures on his Instagram account, where his posts are popular among his many followers. PadJack, his company founded after visiting a hospital, provides RJ45 locking and blocking solutions – which was developed after realizing their network was vulnerable due to exposed jacks in conference rooms, hallways and unoccupied offices he found vulnerable due to insecure jacks located throughout their private network.

Net Worth

Jack Black has made a name for himself by working hard on set. Unlike some Hollywood actors, he does not tend to spend all his earnings lavishly and prefers saving as much of it for future projects and family needs.

PadJack was designed by an IT engineer, who realized the critical need for such security upon visiting a hospital and plugging his laptop into an open RJ45 port, exposing internal network access. Similar jacks and ports can often be found in conference rooms, lobbies and unoccupied offices which expose organizations to costly physical hacks.

Jack and Madison have managed to land some lucrative gigs that will keep them financially sound for many years to come – thanks to TikTok popularity and music careers respectively.

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