Pastor Steve Gaines Net Worth

Pastor Steve Gaines has made great strides and achieved immense success, becoming highly esteemed around the world.

He is a highly acclaimed celebrity with an exceptional persona and numerous honorary awards to his name throughout his life. Furthermore, he serves as an excellent role model for young people.

Early Life and Education

Pastor Steve Gaines has become an iconic figure worldwide through hard work. He has received numerous accolades and awards for his exceptional achievements; becoming an iconic name across the world as well as a celebrated businessperson.

Gaines was an all-district football player and track star at Dyersburg High School, receiving a full football scholarship from University of Tennessee Martin to become a defensive end – though later turning it down when called into ministry. He was licensed into gospel ministry at his home church before enrolling at Union University of Jackson Tennessee to pursue further study.

Gaines has served as pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church near Memphis since 2005 and previously led Gardendale First Baptist Church in suburban Memphis from 1991-2005. He also holds the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Professional Career

Pastor Steve Gaines is an internationally acclaimed figure. He achieved this through hard work and commitment to his cause; many people worldwide revere him. It took him an extraordinary amount of effort to reach this point and continue expanding.

Before becoming pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in suburban Memphis in 2005, Gaines led Gardendale First Baptist Church for 14 years and played an influential role within its conservative wing of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), writing a revised edition of The Baptist Faith and Message book.

Gaines attended Dyersburg High School on a football scholarship but eventually gave it up during his freshman year to focus on studies at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee – there he met his future wife Donna who won a beauty pageant at that same institution!

Achievement and Honors

Gaines has also served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Furthermore, he holds both a doctorate in philosophy and master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dyersburg High School graduate Gaines excelled in both football and track, earning a full football scholarship to the University of Tennessee at Martin. However, after one year he left to enroll at Union University instead where he met Donna Dobbs – 1978 Miss Union University! They eventually married on June 14, 1980.

Michael Reagan on his national radio talk show asserted Gaines should be held responsible for her inaction regarding sexual-abuse allegations made against former minister William Williams and having multiple family members collect paychecks from the megachurch, though Gaines denied the accusations against her.

Personal Life

He is an international figure who is well-recognized across the board. Still in pursuit of greater success, this kind soul has made tremendous contributions to improving humanity around him.

He met Donna Dodds at Union University and now they have four children together. He currently pastors Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee – a suburb of Memphis near Memphis; previously leading churches in Texas and Alabama as well.

Gaines has made several controversial statements. He believes that all families, rich or poor, should give 10% of their income to church; for poor families this could cut into their basic needs and necessitate giving more money than possible to the church. For this statement he was under considerable pressure; yet has maintained his stand.

Net Worth

Gaines rose from modest beginnings and managed to build his fortune through hard work and sound decisions, reaching out to a global audience with his message of health. For his efforts he received multiple honors and awards.

Gaines has been embroiled in various controversies and allegations during his career, many related to financial dealings. For example, it has been claimed he is paying himself double what the previous pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church received and using church credit cards for personal expenses.

Gaines is not only involved with his church, but he serves as president of the Southern Baptist Convention and participated in revising their doctrinal statement – The Baptist Faith and Message.

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