Joshua Gomez Net Worth

Joshua Gomez earned fame through his performance as Chuck in the television series Chuck. His charismatic character won over audiences and earned him a dedicated fan base.

John has become known for his voice work in video games. Additionally, he has appeared in movies such as Last Man Running and Bring It On Again as well as television shows like Law & Order: Invasion Without Trace (Without A Trace), Without A Trace (WITH A TRACCE), Imagination Movers Castle Scorpion Lucifer.

Early Life and Education

Joshua Gomez was born 20 November 1975 in Bayonne, New Jersey. He is an American actor best known for playing Morgan Grimes on NBC television series Chuck alongside Zachary Levi. Additionally, Gomez made his mark as Sammy Stinger in Bring It On Again (2004) as well as having recurring roles on CBS series Without A Trace.

Gomez provided his voice as Baralai in Final Fantasy X-2 video game and Parker in Turok, while also being active in producing and directing.

Joshua Gomez has amassed an estimated net worth of over $17 Million through his career, living in Tarzana California with Amy Pham as his spouse and preferring to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Professional Career

Joshua Gomez is an American actor who has been active since 2000. He has featured in short movies and television shows as well as providing voice work for various video games.

Gomez first achieved fame through his recurring role on Chuck, opposite Zachary Levi. Since then he has appeared in IBM and Wendy’s commercials as well as voice acting roles for Final Fantasy X, Turok, and BioShock video games.

Gomez has been married to Amy Pham since 2011. They do not share any children. In addition to acting, Gomez is also trained in fashion design and photography; his home can be found in Tarzana, California where he was born on November 20, and is given his zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Achievement and Honors

Joshua Gomez has amassed considerable wealth through his dedication and hard work in acting. His role as Morgan Grimes on Chuck won him critical acclaim and created an enthusiastic fan base.

He is best-known for his roles in films such as Bring It On Again, Last Man Running and Force of Execution. Additionally he has appeared in various TV series such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent (invasion), Invasion: Imagination Movers (Imagination Movers), Castle (Imagination Movers), Mad Men and Scorpion (Castle, The Madmen and Scorpion).

Gomez married Amy Pham in 2011 but has no children yet. He is the younger brother of actor Rick Gomez. In addition to acting, Gomez has voiced several characters for video games such as Baralai in Final Fantasy X-2 and Parker in Turok. Additionally, Gomez is an avid runner and has completed multiple half marathons.

Personal Life

Joshua Gomez has garnered widespread acclaim thanks to his portrayal of Morgan Grimes on the hit television series Chuck. Additionally, he has provided voice acting work for various video games. With an imposing height and impressive good looks, Gomez is beloved among audiences everywhere.

Joshua is represented by Progressive Artists Agency and Pop Art Management. Since 2011, he has been married to Amy Pham. Together they share one daughter. Joshua is a vegetarian with an intense passion for animals; appearing in commercials for IBM, Wendy’s, Garmin, and Volkswagen among others.

Joshua is known to be an upstanding individual, keeping his personal life separate from his professional one and staying away from controversy and bad press. Additionally, he actively supports LGBTQ rights and equality issues.

Net Worth

Joshua Gomez has made quite an impactful name for himself in the acting industry. He can often be seen appearing in movies, TV shows and video games; additionally he participates in charitable events and promotes various products and brands.

Joshua Gomez was born in Bayonne, New Jersey on 20 November 1975 and currently 47 years old as of 2023. He is the son of Rich Gomez (also an actor), with whom he shares two siblings who both happen to also work in entertainment.

Gomez has made numerous television appearances, including as Edwin Morales in Law & Order and Scott in Invasion; James Mackeroy on Without a Trace; Julio in Union Jackass; Morgan Grimes in Chuck; Simon Doyle in Castle; as well as various video game voiceover roles like Baralai on Final Fantasy X-2 and Parker in BioShock.

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