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Philippa Langley Net Worth – How Much is Philippa Langley Worth?

Philippa Langley is an amateur historian whose dedication to righting historical wrongs led her to discover Richard III’s grave in a Leicester car park and now uses her expertise to bridge past and present.

In 2016 she initiated the Missing Princes Project, an innovative investigation that uses modern police methods to unravel one of history’s oldest mysteries. Michael Witmore spoke with her to learn more about her efforts.

Early Life and Education

Langley founded and served as honorary president of the Richard III Society’s Scottish branch before being honored with membership of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire during Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015 for her efforts in uncovering and reburial of King Richard III. She initiated and oversaw her original Looking for Richard project which eventually led to finding his remains in a council car park in Leicester.

Langley’s crusade to recover Richard’s remains is at the core of this riveting film written and directed by Michael Jones and featuring Sally Hawkins in an intense performance. While staying true to historical fact, its plot depicts her efforts while providing insight into Richard’s torturous life and death.

Stephen Frears and the team behind 2013’s Oscar-nominated Philomena come back together for this delightful, seriocomic drama. Sally Hawkins stars as amateur historian-sleuth Philippa Langley who defied conventional wisdom to unearth King Richard III’s remains and make headlines worldwide. Stephen Frears directs and writes alongside Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope; who wrote the screenplay of Philomena (2013). Stephen Frears directs and writes alongside Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope who co-wrote Philomena (2013) while Stephen Frears directed and wrote the screenplay for Philomena (2013); with Sally Hawkins writing both co-wrote and wrote both movies’ scripts. Sally Hawkins stars as amateur historian-sleuth Philippa Langley who defied conventional wisdom to uncover her efforts against an archeological establishment, eventually unearthing King Richard III’s remains.

Professional Career

Philippa Langley has long been passionate about history. As such, she’s long been involved with the Scottish Branch of the Richard III Society as a longtime member and published author.

In 2012, she led the original Searching for Richard project in Leicester that ultimately discovered a human skeleton in a car park there. To identify its remains more precisely, her research involved working alongside John Ashdown-Hill to analyze his mitochondrial DNA in order to properly identify them.

Now she is back with Stephen Frears – Oscar nominated director of Philomena featuring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan – for a movie called The Lost King which tells her search story for the remains of a Plantagenet King while remaining historically accurate and engaging.

Achievement and Honors

An ISTJ and Enneagram 9w1 personality type was inspired to clear the name of a villainized king after attending a production of Shakespeare’s Richard III. She became involved with her local Shakespeare society as a volunteer and researched where they believed he might have been interred.

Her work led to the Channel 4 documentary Richard III: The King in the Car Park which earned both a Royal Television Society award for History as well as a BAFTA for Specialist Factual.

2022 saw the release of Stephen Frears and Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope (Philomena). Sally Hawkins stars as Langley from her 2013 book written with military historian Michael Jones detailing her search for King Richard III over seven and half years.

Personal Life

Philippa Langley hails from Kenya. As an established writer and producer in Britain, she became best-known for her part in discovering Richard III and overseeing his 2012 exhumation as part of her Looking for Richard project. For this service she received an MBE in 2015 Birthday Honours from Her Majesty The Queen.

Housewife from Edinburgh, she began searching for Richard’s remains in a car park without funding or support from academics, despite initial doubt from them. Langley’s determination to demonstrate Shakespeare’s most notorious villain wasn’t responsible for killing off all six princes led her down a journey that would later be made into 2022 movie The Lost King directed by Stephen Frears and co-written by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope with Sally Hawkins playing Langley as she appeared in it.

Net Worth

Housewife from Edinburgh, she made international headlines when she led the discovery and exhumation of Richard III’s grave in a Leicester car park, an event watched by 366 million people worldwide. Despite suffering chronic fatigue syndrome as well as academic pomposity, sexism, and ignorance.

Her latest project is a book and documentary that takes an investigative approach to exploring the fate of the missing Princes in the Tower. Her meticulous research in British, American, and European archives challenges received wisdom while providing insight into one of history’s great miscarriages of justice.

Stephen Frears directed and Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope wrote the screenplay for this film adaptation of Langley’s tale titled, The Lost King which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2022.

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