Premadonna Net Worth

Premadonna is an esteemed business executive and boasts an impressive net worth. Born April 10, 1987 in Miami, Florida United States.

She is best-known for her appearances on Love & Hip Hop and for feuding with Joseline Hernandez of another cast. Additionally, she has produced music and created her own waist training company.

Early Life and Education

Premadonna is an iconic celebrity worldwide. Starting his career at an early stage and working hard, Premadonna eventually rose to become an international phenomenon and role model. His work made a profound impression both on media and general public audiences alike.

He has appeared on multiple reality shows, such as Love & Hip Hop and Marriage Boot Camp, while also appearing in Love & Hip Hop: Miami where he feuded with Joseline Hernandez.

Waist Gang Society was created by this Miami native on 10 April 1987 as a waist training brand that produced midriff belts. Furthermore, he holds many other professional roles such as being a rapper, fashion designer, entrepreneur and Instagram user with over 833k followers on social media. He began life in Miami before later making the move west.

Professional Career

Primadonna Love, an accomplished multifaceted entrepreneur, is best known for her Waist Gang Society waist trainers which are worn by Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna among other celebrities. Additionally, she published the self-help book Whatever You Think Is Right as well as expressed interest in returning to music as an outlet.

Price has become widely respected for her advocacy work in promoting access to opera and classical musical genres. Her extensive discography and royalties from recordings have helped build her significant net worth; her focus and devotion have led her to this level of success, serving as an exemplary role model to young singers aspiring to join opera companies.

Achievement and Honors

Premadonna is a respected Business Executive who is recognized as an exemplar in her field. She is widely known for her extraordinary expertise and entrepreneurial prowess as well as for being an active philanthropist who has made significant donations to charity causes.

Nakeitha Felder (born April 10, 1987), commonly referred to by her stage name Premadonna, is an American entrepreneur, author, and occasional singer. She founded Waist Gang Society and wrote the self-help book Whatever You Think Is Right.

She credits her hard work and determination as the foundation of her success, inspiring many around the globe and serving as a role model to many young entrepreneurs. She currently stars on Love & Hip Hop Miami and Marriage Boot Camp; in addition to being close friends with Joseline Hernandez, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost.

Personal Life

Premadonna is a well-recognized celebrity worldwide. To get where she is now, she had traveled a considerable distance, made an impressionable statement through media and citizens across the globe, and earned great admiration among fans worldwide. Premadonna has truly become a hero to those who admire and adore her.

She established herself in the entertainment industry by appearing on various television programs, most notably Love & Hip Hop Miami where she made a significant mark.

She has since expanded into other areas of business. Currently she runs an award-winning waist trainer company called Waist Gang Society that has received the endorsement of both Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Net Worth

Premadonna is an acclaimed celebrity that has attained great renown and success throughout her career. She is beloved globally and boasts an enormous fan base; in particular, over 733k of them follow her on social media alone!

She is known for creating waist-shaping garments and writing the self-help book Whatever You Think Is Right. Furthermore, she’s an accomplished fashion designer, rapper and entrepreneur with an impressive fortune accumulated through her various ventures.

Though she has achieved great success, she prefers living a modest lifestyle. Although she lives in an elegant house and drives an attractive vehicle, she keeps close relationships and spends much of her time with a select few close friends that share in her social life. She first appeared as a supporting cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season Four as an actress supporting cast member.

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