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Shaun Attwood is an author, public speaker, and former drug kingpin who left England broke but rose swiftly up the stock-market ladder over 10 years to become a stock market millionaire and start throwing massive rave parties while dispensing ecstasy industrially.

He soon got into trouble, spending two years at Maricopa County Jail – which boasts one of America’s highest death rates – where books became his main form of rehabilitation.

Early Life and Education

Shaun Attwood was born in Widnes, Lancashire on 28 October 1968 to what he describes as an idyllic middle-class family. At 16, he began investing in stocks through Liverpool University’s Business Studies degree program.

After graduation, Attwood headed west in pursuit of his dream to become a professional stock trader. With help from one of his aunts, who assisted in securing him with a fake work visa, Attwood established himself in Arizona.

After graduating college in 2001, Attwood quickly immersed himself into the rave scene, running an ecstasy ring comparable to that of mafia mass murderer Sammy “the Bull” Gravano. However, eventually being arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail and serving 26 months before finally being freed – eventually becoming an active YouTuber, speaker, and author today.

Professional Career

Shaun Attwood is an author, public speaker, and YouTube content creator with a large following who makes good money through ads on his videos.

At age 14, he started taking an interest in stocks, reading The Financial Times during lunch break at school. By age 16, he had invested his pocket money and made his first trades.

Attwood moved to Arizona to live with his aunts in 1990 and quickly found himself immersed in Arizona’s vibrant rave scene, smuggling and distributing ecstasy. Arrested for possession in 2002 and ultimately deported back to England, Jon Attwood created Jon’s Jail Journal blog as well as publishing several books detailing his experiences.

Achievement and Honors

Shaun Patrick Attwood has broadened his impact and reach by collaborating with various influencers and companies. Some collaborations have resulted in specific ventures such as clothing lines or events; others have opened doors for growth and success.

UK-born stock market millionaire and Ecstasy trafficker Desire craves the American Dream. But his life of drugs and parties abruptly comes crashing to an end when SWAT team officers invade his Arizona home and arrest him on drug charges. Submerged into Maricopa County Jail where rival gangs compete for power; breaking rules could mean violent beatings or death for him and other prisoners.

Shaun used his writing, smuggled out of prison and published on Jon’s Jail Journal blog, to expose sickening conditions within jails and foster sobriety and the desire to help others during his imprisonment.

Personal Life

Attwood was raised in Widnes, northwest England – a small chemical manufacturing town – by his middle-class family and had what he describes as an enjoyable childhood. From early on he developed an interest in economics and began reading The Financial Times during lunch breaks at school with help from his teacher translating complex numbers and business jargon into simple language for him to read. By 16, Attwood made his first stock market investment using pocket money.

Attwood has delivered multiple TEDx Talks and shared his experiences on BBC, Sky News, CNN and television in over 40 countries. In addition, he frequently speaks at schools regarding drug and prison issues and author three books. Unfortunately he remains single without divulging much information regarding his personal life.

Net Worth

Shaun Attwood was raised in Widnes, northwest England – a small chemical manufacturing town. Living with his middle-class household, he developed an interest in economics early and began reading Financial Times regularly by age fourteen. Making his first stock market investment at sixteen, a visit to Arizona ignited his ambition of moving there someday.

In 2002, Attwood was charged with conspiracy to sell class A drugs and spent two years at Maricopa County Jail – then one with the highest death rate in America – before serving out his nine-year sentence with Arizona Department of Corrections. Following his release he began podcasting and YouTube channels dedicated to true crime guests as well as discussing experiences from prison life.

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