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Preparation for Easter

The preparations for one of the most beautiful family celebrations could now begin. The right decoration and the many small details are important. Organize a pleasant party with the help of our ideas. It is always better to start your Easter decorations early.

Decorative eggs

Table decoration-table decoration Easter

Table decoration for Easter

These wooden Easter eggs could be on your table every year. Their symbolic red color makes them a wonderful decorative element. Don’t they just look unique?


Wooden candle holder decoration Easter

Candlesticks made of wood

Create an authentic atmosphere with these simple wooden candle holders. They are just perfect on the mantelpiece! They also bring a particularly modern flair to your ambience.

Wall wreath

Wreath of red painted eggs decoration Easter

Wreath of red painted eggs

This wall wreath made of red eggs is sure to impress your family and friends! It looks fresh and creates a lively atmosphere. The eggs in the wreath are hollow and painted in red

Easter bunnies made from crepe paper

Colorful rabbits made of crepe paper table decoration Easter

Colorful rabbits made from crepe paper

A little surprise for the little guests, because this festival is not possible without rabbit figures. Small gifts are hidden under the paper.

A car for Easter bunnies

Bunny table decoration-table decoration Easter

Bunnies as an interesting table decoration

Aren’t these decorative elements cute? They are sure to put you in a good mood on every table, along with the culinary delicacies for Easter, of course!

Pink crepe paper cups

Basket made of crepe paper in pink decoration Easter

Pink crepe paper basket

The creative decoration preserves the little chocolate eggs that we all like so much.

Crepe paper carrots

Carrots from crepe paper decoration Easter

Carrots for the Easter bunnies – here made from crepe paper

The saying goes here: the early bird catches the worm. Did you start your preparations on time? Then you could make these fresh decorative elements yourself! Choose cheerful colors and find a small basket. There could be goodies for the kids in there!

Easter flowers

Easter flowers as a table decoration table decoration Easter

Easter flowers as a table decoration

The tiny yellow and orange cups can be used for tic tac candies or other sweets, as shown in the photo.

Decorative egg with a little surprise inside

Decoration for the garden decoration Easter

Decoration for the garden

There are delicacies in the artificial egg. But would anyone advise this at first sight?

Tiered bouquets

Graduated bouquets-table decoration Easter

Staggered bouquets of flowers for your festive mood at Easter

Easter would be half as beautiful without flowers. Therefore, decorate the table generously and add a fresh touch with real flowers. Spring flowers in small vases do a great job.

Garland of colored eggs

Garland of colorful eggs decoration Easter

Garland of colored eggs

An underrated but still very suitable idea for your home. You can make the garland together with your children, hang it up and thus bring a cheerful atmosphere into the room.

Garland of paper bunnies

Garland from bunny table decoration Easter

Garland of bunnies

You could bet on a theme at Easter and adapt the decoration to it. These handmade figures are child’s play and freshen up any room.

Cup with clover

Easter basket with clover decoration

Basket filled with clover. The Easter bunny simply cannot be missing here!

The four-leaf clover is the symbol of good luck. Decorate with shamrocks here and there and let happiness come to your home! Chocolate eggs are hidden in the basket for the little guests. That will certainly please young and old!

Candles with painted grass

Candles with grass motif decoration Easter

Candles with a grass motif

Allow yourself a little time to implement this idea. To do this, you need a knife and green paint. Create small hollow channels and paint them green. Ready!

Basket with Easter flowers

Easter flowers and chicks in Easter basket decoration

Easter flowers and chicks in a basket – the best decoration for the festival

The wooden basket finds its place on the windowsill. Are you already thinking of the beauty of spring?

Napkins with grass motifs

Napkins with grass motifs-table decoration Easter

Napkins with grass motifs

These modest decorative elements offer charm on the Easter table and are reminiscent of spring. The edges of the napkins are embroidered.

Egg figures

Decorative nest decoration Easter

Decorative nest

The paper figures are a creative solution for any room.

Spring flowers in egg cups

Spring flowers and egg cup table decoration Easter

Spring flowers and egg cups

The funny egg cups, together with flowers, make a wonderful decoration. Simple and very charming. Convince yourself!

Grass in egg cups

Egg cup with natural grass table decoration ideas Easter

Egg cups with natural grass

This little trick always puts you in a good mood and appears unexpectedly on the otherwise traditional table.

Tulips in a cup

Tulips real flowers table decoration table decoration easter

Tulips – real flowers for your table decoration

We have to have a stylish design at Easter. Real flowers and Easter eggs put the details in the foreground and show your love for nature.

Egg wreath

Egg wreath DIY decoration Easter

Egg wreath DIY

The hollow eggs are carefully inserted with needles and then strung in any order on a chain. Paint the eggs for a great effect.

Crepe paper birds

Birds made of crepe paper decoration ideas Easter

Crepe paper birds

Creative and talented people have made these little figures. Try it with the help of paper and create a great atmosphere with these cute birds.

Oversized egg cup

Oversized egg cup table decoration Easter

Oversized egg cup

A masterpiece in decoration! You could make this mug out of paper or just find it on the market.

Artistically painted eggs

Stylish painted egg table decoration Easter

Stylishly painted eggs

These fantastic decorative eggs look gorgeous. Are you able to paint that talented too?

Chocolate bunnies

Chocolate bunnies in Easter basket decoration

Chocolate bunnies in a basket

Here we have a real eye-catcher for the interior. The basket looks like it was made out of chocolate.


Various ornaments-table decoration Easter

Different ornaments

You could also implement the European tradition of painting eggs this way at Easter. The various ribbons decorate each egg differently.

Easter branches

Easter branches decoration Easter

Easter branches

Would you like to decorate a separate table? Then you would need twigs and colorful Easter eggs. Secure the eggs with the help of ribbons or chains.

Centerpiece with real grass

Centerpiece from natural grass table decoration Easter

Centerpiece made from natural grass

It will take at least 10 days for the grass to grow that tall. The result is very pretty as you can see in the photo.

Spotted eggs

Spotted eggs in silver table decoration Easter

Spotted eggs in silver

The application of silver paint is a modern method. The bright colors on it are rather traditional. This creates an exciting effect.

Magnificent presentation

Representation of eggs with Swarovski elements decorative items for Easter

Eggs with Swarovski elements – sublime and very elegant!

The designer decorative elements also find their place at Easter. The single-colored eggs with crystals from Swarovski are very popular in upscale surroundings. Yes, but why not bring a bit of style into your own house for Easter?

Celebrate beautifully and loaded with joy! We wish you a happy Easter!

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