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Promotional product trends 2020 – which promotional gifts are in demand this year?

Every company, no matter big or small, constantly strives to stay up to date in its field and to always be competitive. That is why every company invests a certain amount annually in good advertising in order to present itself to the public in the best possible way. With small promotional items and giveaways with the company logo you want to please your customers, show them personal attention and leave a positive impression. This marketing strategy has established itself over the years and has proven itself well and brings excellent, even promising results. Are you also looking for suitable promotional items with which you want to pleasantly surprise and impress your customers and also attract new customers? Then you’ve come to the right place, because below we will report on the latest promotional product trends for 2020. You are definitely spot on with everyone who is interested in your company and its products.

Promotional product trends 2020 – what’s up, what’s coming?

Werbeartikeltrends 2020 klassische Werbegeschenke Notizblöcke Kalender immer beliebt

Promotional item trends 2020 – classic promotional items and practical giveaways are by no means going out of style

As in all areas of our modern life, there are also new trends in the promotional products industry. These are in line with the dynamic development of society and correspond to the demand for innovative products. But there are undoubtedly classic business gifts that will remain popular and in demand this year as well. Here we mean lighters, calendars and coffee mugs with the company logo or with a funny lettering. The list is supplemented by other practical items such as pens, umbrellas and pads. These are once again enjoying great popularity in 2020.

The demand for sustainable promotional items is increasing!

Werbeartikeltrends 2020 Kaffeebecher Papiertasche nachhaltige Artikel Nachhaltigkeit Natürlichkeit

Sustainability and naturalness dominate the trendy promotional items 2020

Topics such as climate change and environmental protection are omnipresent. Modern-minded people have been interested in these for years, which is why people prefer to use sustainable and natural products in everyday life. This striving is also clearly evident in the most popular promotional items and company gifts. As consumers want more sustainability, scientists have come up with alternatives. For example, when it comes to promotional items, the popular plastic cups are being replaced by reusable cups made from renewable raw materials. We all know that plastic bags are very difficult to break down, so they are being replaced by carrier bags made of organic cotton.

Now reusable items made from recyclable materials are in demand.

Werbeartikeltrends 2020 Mehrwegartikel Tasche aus recycelbaren Stoffen gefragt

They even go a step further and are looking for new ways of making promotional items instead of plastic from bamboo, sugar cane, hemp, corn and potato starch and even mushrooms and algae. These alternatives only confirm the 2020 promotional product trend for more naturalness and sustainability. They clearly show that the demand for sustainable and organic products is constantly increasing. And it will probably stay that way for the next few years. Promotional items are preferred that come from rapidly renewable and renewable resources, are recyclable or cannot be used only once. In this way you not only do something good for the health of many people, but also make a small contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Technical innovations are on the advance in the promotional product trends 2020!

Werbeartikeltrends 2020 technische Innovationen auf dem Vormarsch USB Stick Handy

Technical innovations and modern promotional items go hand in hand

Another long-running favorite among promotional items and gave aways are the innovative digital helpers that make our day-to-day work easier. In other words, technical innovations have totally conquered the promotional materials scene and this can be clearly seen in the promotional product trends 2020! Everyone is happy to receive USB hubs, USB sticks or power banks as a company gift at a conference. These little tokens of attention are used every day and are a reminder of the gift giver every time. That is why they have a high value as a promotional tool and are highly valued by large and small companies.

Everyone needs a new USB stick, right?

Werbeartikeltrends 2020 technische Innovationen USB Stick

Conclusion: Modern, sustainable and innovative gave aways make up the promotional product trends 2020. These correspond to the increasing demand for more naturalness and sustainability in everyday life and go hand in hand with technical innovations. That is why we can no longer imagine our lives without suitable and modern advertising!

Surprise your customers with trendy promotional items and quickly win their hearts!

Werbeartikeltrends 2020 moderne Werbeartikel Etui Kugelschreiber USB Sick Brieftasche große Überraschung

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