Auto Ergonomic Inoveli thumb throttle

Inoveli thumb throttle: Ergonomically designed system for fatigue-free throttle response, which is particularly recommended for long-distance pilotsThe newly designed Inoveli thumb throttle is suitable for ATVs, quads, motorcycles, snowmobiles and jet skis. The handle is ergonomically shaped, and overall the Inoveli thumb throttle can be dosed much more precisely than conventional thumb throttle systems. “The Inoveli thumb throttle is completely different from previously known systems for accelerating,” says Mike Schöpf from The French manufacturer Inoveli spent no less than five years developing the mechanism. The result is a system that doesn’t require the thumb throttle to be squeezed in the conventional sense; instead, the system follows the natural movements of the hand and thumb.

Inoveli thumb throttle: follows natural movements

“It’s much easier to accelerate, and your thumbs and upper arms don’t get tired, even over long distances,” says Mike Schöpf happily. There is no excessive bending of the wrist, as is sometimes necessary with the rotary throttle grip, which means that the Inoveli thumb throttle is not only suitable for ATV and quad long-distance pilots, but also for motorcyclists. “The system is ideal for long-distance riders in enduro, rally and street racing,” says Mike, who has already convinced many pilots with the Inoveli thumb throttle who have previously used a dual throttle grip that can be switched from rotary to thumb throttle had. Finally, the Inoveli thumb throttle offers the advantage over rotary throttle grips that the engine brake is initiated with a small movement of the wrist – much faster than turning the wrist, which is necessary with the rotary throttle grip. “That saves valuable time when braking,” says Mike, who sells the Inoveli rotary gas in German-speaking countries.

availability and costs

The Inoveli thumb throttle is available in well-stocked specialist shops, at and in the wholesaler’s web shop in Tarrenz. Cost in retail: 229 euros. x

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