Raijon Daniels

Raijon Daniels, 8, Died of starvation and torture at the Hands of His Mother Teresa Moses, 8

On Friday when police responded to Teresa Moses’ 911 call regarding an 8-year-old boy unresponsive and covered with chemical burns, sores, and ulcerations on his genital area. There was also vomit around his mouth and an overwhelming scent of pine-scented cleaner in his apartment.

Raijon had come into contact with Contra Costa County social workers multiple times. In March 2005, Moses reported her estranged husband had molested their child. A police officer investigated but decided against taking any actions.

Early Life and Education

Neighbors, school officials and relatives noticed something was off with 8-year-old Raijon Daniels of Richmond but could not pinpoint it. Finally in March 2005, Raijon’s mother reported her suspicions of molestation by an ex-family member; an initial police investigation turned up no evidence and county Children & Family Services decided against filing charges due to lack of proof. According to police records.

On October 27, 2005, Raijon was discovered unresponsive next to a pool of vomit at his Richmond home on South 40th Street, covered with whip marks, chemical burns and sores. Police reported that his mother poured household cleaners onto his genital area to prevent him from urinating, according to their findings.

Raijon often ran away from home or was found playing on a jungle gym at local restaurants, prompting police to refer him for investigation by child welfare agencies; when this occurred, social workers conducted phone interviews but took no further actions against Moses.

Professional Career

Raijon Daniels is an in-demand music consultant and the CEO of his own entertainment conglomerate. His expert negotiating skills and strategic approach to business have seen him broker some of the biggest publishing and artist contracts over the last five years.

Police arrived at Teresa Moses’ home and found Raijon unresponsive and covered with chemical burns, belt welts, scabs and purple bruises that looked like train tracks. Additionally he had vomit around his mouth as well. Raijon had been starved for at least one year prior to drinking household cleaner on the day of his death.

Raijon ran away several times from home during 2005, each time leading to him being referred to Children and Family Services of his county.

Personal Life

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Raijon ran away from home a month before his death and spent hours playing on a jungle gym at a San Pablo restaurant, but no injuries were visible and he denied allegations from his mother of abuse. A police officer wrote up an incident report for Child Protective Services who conducted a phone investigation without taking action against his case, according to department reports.

At his death, Raijon’s body was covered with chemical and rope burns, sores, bruises and an acid buildup in his blood from starvation.

Net Worth

Raijon Daniels died of starvation and torture at the hands of his mother Teresa Moses. She beat, poured harsh chemicals onto him and tied him up for over a year before giving him an exclusive diet that she prepared using a blender.

Raijon was forced out of his home in July 2005, and later reported his babysitter as handcuffing him while at work. Police returned him home with his mother while social workers decided not to visit since it appeared as though it were an isolated incident.

In March 2007, Teresa entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity and three Doctors testified that she was legally insane at the time she assaulted her son. As such, she is currently being detained at a State mental Hospital.

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