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Ryan Trainor – Celebrity Sibling

Ryan Trainor, also known as Meghan Trainor (an established singer/songwriter in her own right) is an American songwriter, singer and content creator.

His parents are jewelers, and he has two younger siblings named Justin and Meghan. Justin came out as gay through an impressive coming out video in 2020 that gained immense traction among LGBTQ communities worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Ryan Trainor was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts on 17-Dec-2090 and is best known as an American digital creator best known for co-hosting the Workin’ On It podcast with sister Meghan Trainor. Together they discuss mental health issues as well as family and celebrity topics on their show.

He made history when he made public his sexual orientation via TikTok video in June 2020, making an enormous statement and impactful impactful statement to both LGBTQ community members and non-gay citizens alike. Furthermore, this act had an enormous positive effect on sexual assault prevention efforts at schools as well as against sexual assault itself.

Ryan was raised by Kelli and Gary, jewelers by profession. Justin is his only sibling; both Justin and Meghan are musicians themselves and regularly post updates about their lives to social media – setting an excellent example of how family can lead to success!

Professional Career

Ryan Trainor is an influential social media figure and celebrity sibling. Known for his vlogs and TikTok account where he interacts with followers, as well as having amassed an enormous following on Instagram, Ryan Trainor has amassed quite an online following over his time online.

He has opened up about his sexuality on YouTube, providing inspiration and advice to many struggling with their own sexuality. In June 2020, he came out as gay and has become an advocate for the LGBTQ community.

He and Meghan also collaborate in the podcast Workin’ On It, discussing various topics and diving deeper into personal conversations than ever. Their audience tunes in regularly to hear them discuss issues affecting them all as a community.

Achievement and Honors

Ryan is well known for his entrepreneurial ventures and sound investments as well as occasional television appearances. His journey is an inspiring tale, showing that with hard work and determination anyone can realize their goals.

Meghan Trainor, younger sister to Ryan Trainor, shares an undeniable bond between them that’s evident through their frequent collaborations. In 2022, Ryan surprised Meghan by decorating her home for Christmas – leaving her speechless!

These two women also co-host the podcast Workin’ On It, in which they open up about their lives and include listeners in conversations that range from being new moms, navigating Hollywood and mental health, as well as acting and being judged on television talent shows such as The Four: Battle for Stardom (2018), The Voice UK (2021) and Australian Idol (2023). Meghan also champions anti-bullying campaigns and sexual education efforts.

Personal Life

Ryan Trainor identifies as gay and his June 2020 video declaring so had a major impact in the LGBTQ community. Currently single and living with his younger sister Meghan.

Family is at the core of Meghan’s being and they remain close, frequently appearing together in TikTok videos. Meghan has even assisted with writing songs for his album!

Ryan Trainor and Meghan Trainor live together with their sister Meghan Trainor’s husband Daryl Sabara in Los Angeles as well as owning a home on Nantucket in Massachusetts. Ryan is well-known in the digital creator space and co-hosts the podcast Work It with Meghan. Additionally, he has appeared in films like The Peanuts Movie (2015) and Tall Girl (2019), among others.

Net Worth

Ryan Trainor has not disclosed his net worth publicly, but is believed to be making a decent amount of money from social media followers and brand endorsements and partnerships. Furthermore, Ryan hosts the Workin’ on It podcast alongside sister Meghan Trainor.

American digital creator Michael Ketchum is openly gay and has received tremendous support from LGBTQ communities. His June 2020 TikTok coming out video had an enormous impact on both music industry and society as a whole.

Sean Trainor, Meghan’s older brother and pop superstar, has taken bold risks to chase his dreams and prove that hard work pays off. His example serves as an inspiration for younger generations and motivates individuals to live truer to themselves.

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