Bleu Davinci Net Worth

Bleu Davinci is an accomplished rapper, writer, television and social media celebrity as well as businessman with several ventures in the music industry. His affiliation with Black Mafia Family organization has greatly enhanced both his career and net worth.

Born February 27, 1978 and an American citizen, he is well known for his distinctive blend of ear-piercing gangster raps and punchy Southern hip-hop beats.

Early Life and Education

Barima McKnight (Bleu Davinci), born February 27, 1978 is an American rapper known for his groundbreaking efforts in the music industry since his early days of rapping under various monikers. Through hard work and perseverance he has achieved immense success within music.

Bleu Davinci has amassed an immense fortune through his musical career and entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, his appearances in multiple films and television shows has contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

Bleu is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $100-$1 Million. He owns several assets such as cash and real estate. Furthermore, his name has been associated with luxury sneakers which has significantly boosted his earnings as well as working for BMF who pay him commission.

Professional Career

Bleu Davinci is more than a rapper; he is also an astute businessperson, having ventured into other businesses such as real estate, fashion, and entertainment investments. Additionally, he has released several hit albums as well as founding Black Sheep Clothing — an inclusive line that encourages individualism.

Barima McKnight, also known by his stage name Bleu Davinci is an esteemed American rapper and father to three children: Melaka, Brandon and Madisyn. At 43 years old he lives an extravagant lifestyle, often posting pictures of them on his Instagram feed.

He was born in California but eventually relocated to Atlanta where he joined the Black Mafia Family and took part in illegal activities like drug dealing. These actions led to his imprisonment.

Achievement and Honors

Bleu Davinci is an accomplished rapper who has achieved tremendous success in the music industry and won multiple awards for his fun work.

He is renowned in the hip-hop world and has gained global acclaim as an award-winning rapper and an actor.

Barima McKnight, better known by his stage name Bleu Davinci is an American rapper and actor from Atlanta who is father to one-year-old son Xavier by Keely Hill who stars on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality TV show.

The rapper remains private about his personal and relationship status; however, he does have numerous tattoos on his body as an avid follower of tattoo culture.

Personal Life

Bleu Davinci, an American rapper serving time for his involvement with the Black Mafia Family organization. A well-known musician with considerable earnings; he boasts many followers on social media sites where he regularly posts photos and videos to engage them and keep their interest.

Barima McKnight, better known by his stage name “Bleu Davinci”, was born February 27th 1978 in Los Angeles California, United States and currently resides in Atlanta Georgia where he currently resides as of 2023 at 45 years old.

He is married and shares custody of their son Xavier McKnight with Keely Hill, an esteemed model, actress, internet star and entrepreneur. Additionally, two other sons Melaka and Brandon exist as well as one daughter named Madisyn.

Net Worth

Barima McKnight, commonly known by his stage name Bleu Davinci, has made quite an impactful name for himself in the rap world. Known for his distinctive gangster raps and punchy southern hip hop beats. Additionally, this charismatic musician often posts pictures of his luxurious lifestyle via social media such as posting pictures of expensive cars.

Bleu Davinci has managed to remain prominent despite his association with an illegal drug trafficking organization and build a significant fan base. Additionally, his income streams have been further diversified by investing in real estate and fashion businesses.

Keely Hill, an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, model, actress and social media influencer is his wife. They share one child together.

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