Sam Shahidi Net Worth

Sam Shahidi net worth is an accomplished business executive renowned for amassing vast fortunes through various entrepreneurial endeavors. He co-founded Shots Studios and serves as President for Full Send/Nelk Boys, Happy Dad Hard Seltzer, and Shots Podcast Network – among many other ventures.

He began developing iOS applications alongside his brother in 2009, co-founding video game production firm Rock Software which later transitioned to RockLive and released their first commercial app: RunPee.

Early Life and Education

Sam Shahidi and John founded RockLive, a video game development company, in 2009. RockLive created mobile games for athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Mike Tyson; later changing its name to Shots Mobile before eventually transitioning into Shots Studios.

Sam and John share ownership in this business enterprise and John serves as President. Additionally, John provides YouTube creators such as the Nelk Boys with management services for their YouTube channels such as Happy Dad Hard Seltzer.

His work has brought him great success and earned him an admirable reputation as an entrepreneurial prodigy. His sheer determination and innovative thinking are responsible for many of his remarkable achievements; in 2020, he collaborated with YouTube Originals on executive producing The Secret Life of Lele Pons: Docuseries about her struggles with mental health and celebrity.

Professional Career

John Shahidi was born in Los Angeles, California on December 30th 1979. As CEO and co-founder of Shots Studios – which Forbes has predicted will become “the Air Jordan of digital” – John has helped launch internet celebrities such as Anwar Jibawi, Rudy Mancuso and Lele Pons to success in their respective fields.

Business magnate Andrew Westcott has made numerous successful investments that have significantly added to his net worth, such as investing in real estate properties that have increased significantly over time. Yet despite all his success and wealth, Westcott remains committed to giving back through charitable work in his community.

Achievement and Honors

Shahidi has garnered critical acclaim for both her acting and charitable work, as well as for her business acumen. Together with brother John, Shahidi founded Shots Studios – an award-winning YouTube channel/Originals powerhouse that launched the careers of creators such as Alesso, Lele Pons and Rudy Mancuso among many others.

They also executive produced The Secret Life of Lele Pons, a YouTube Originals docuserie which offered viewers an in-depth view into her struggle between mental health issues and fame.

Yara is an advocate for inclusivity within the entertainment industry and beyond, earning her several accolades and awards such as Gracie Awards for Female Actor in a Breakthrough Role and an NAACP Image Award nomination. Additionally, she received the Max Mara Face of the Future award, an annual recognition presented by global fashion brand Max Mara to recognize women leaders within various fields.

Personal Life

Sam Shahidi is an esteemed American business executive and co-founder of Shots Studios. This YouTube production studio creates numerous YouTube channels. On this page you will learn all about Sam and his business including his age, family details, education highlights, career milestones, photos of accomplishments and lesser known facts.

In 2009, Chad Johnson and his brother co-founded Rock Software (which later evolved to RockLive). Together they developed apps for NFL players including Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson for whom they created two mobile games: RunPee and MadChad.

In 2015, they established Shots Studios which provides content creation services and career management to YouTube celebrities like Lele Pons, Anitta, and Rudy Mancuso. Shots Studios is also responsible for producing the popular podcast Full Send as well as Nelk Boys channel which operates under its management.

Net Worth

Sam Shahidi, known for his success as a YouTube Star, stands 36 years old and his estimated net worth stands between $1-5 Million dollars. An American citizen.

Shahidi has amassed a considerable fortune through his entrepreneurial ventures and innovative ideas, as well as through numerous collaborative partnerships he has undertaken – including Shots selfie-and photo sharing app and Awkward Puppets YouTube web series and channel.

He has also served as executive producer on the Netflix documentary series ‘Vai Anitta’, keeping his personal life private at this time. An avid sports fan who often spends his free time playing basketball in his free time; travel enthusiast who relishes discovering new places.

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