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Scandinavian autumn decorations at home – clear the stage for natural room decorations and subtle colors

The beauty lies in the simplicity! So you can summarize the decorating ideas in the Nordic style in a nutshell. The Scandi Style became particularly popular with us a few years ago and is gaining more and more fans worldwide from year to year. In the first place this is due to the minimalism prevalent in this style. Also because of the strong natural note that can be introduced into the ambience with few resources. In other words, every room can be designed stylishly and comfortably in the Nordic style without much effort. This approach is particularly relevant in autumn and winter, as we need more comfort and comfort in our own four walls in the cold seasons than in spring and summer. If you want to have complete relaxation at home in autumn, then you’ve come to the right place today. In the following we present you numerous ideas for a magical Scandinavian autumn decoration at home. Stick with it!

Scandinavian autumn decorations are always simple, but enchantingly beautiful.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause schlicht aber bezaubernd schön drei Vasen in zarten Pastellnuancen ein Zweig

It is made with attention to the smallest detail.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause weiße Kerze Pelz Zweig unter der Lampe arrangiert

  • What distinguishes the Scandinavian autumn decoration at home?

Simple Nordic elegance, simple materials and a lot of nature allow us to enjoy the cozy atmosphere at home every day. It is precisely these characteristics that make the Scandinavian autumn decorations. The color scheme is really Nordic: black, shades of gray, and white or ivory. Naturalness is one of the main features of Scandinavian room decoration in autumn. For example, add natural wood, bring pine cones, apples, antlers, pumpkins, twigs and autumn leaves into the interior. Knitted accessories and decorative items made of leather, fur or faux fur are ideal for autumn or winter decorations in the Nordic style. These bring natural comfort. It’s so nice to wrap yourself in a knitted blanket and spend hours in front of the fireplace or on the comfortable sofa. Especially when it is raining quietly outside. Is it true?

The Scandinavian autumn decoration radiates warmth and cosiness.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause strahlt Wärme und Gemütlichkeit aus weiße Ziergräser Blätter Mandeln Teelichter wollene Pullover oder Überwurfdecken

Decorate with the gifts of nature and you can’t go wrong.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Werkzeugkasten aus Holz

And which colors are typical for the Scandinavian autumn decoration? So that you can design it really airy and neutral, then rely on gray tones, black and a little metallic. You can spice up any room. Use colors very naturally here – bold shades and patterns are not welcome. If you still want some highlights, go for plant or animal motifs, but in muted hues. These give the ambience a natural feeling and your home looks typically Nordic!

Let gray and white dominate your home!

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause typische Farben im Wohnzimmer Grau und Weiß kleine Akzente in Schwarz sehr ansprechendes Interieur

You can then allow yourself some black accents on the light background.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Kamin Korb da vorne Geweih an der Wand weißer Hintergrund schwarze Akzente

You can also try different textures and combine different materials. For example, porcelain, faux fur, wicker, wood, stone and others can stand side by side. They make your ambience look cooler and more eye-catching.

A mix of textures, but always in subtle shades, is what defines the Scandinavian autumn decoration at home. The coffee table decorated in autumn is a special accent.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Mix aus Texturen im Wohnzimmer

In front of the whitewashed brick wall on the mantelpiece, various decorative elements made of glass, wood, porcelain and wickerwork look beautiful, right?

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause weißgetünchte Ziegelwand auf dem Kaminsims verschiedene Deko Artikel Vasen Tablett Bücher Zweige

  • What exactly do you need for your stylish Scandinavian autumn decoration at home?

The Scandinavian autumn decoration can enchant the living atmosphere in every room. In order to achieve this effect with your stylish Scandinavian autumn decoration, we recommend that you work primarily with natural materials. These do not cost anything and you can find them during a walk in the park or forest. Prefer the gifts of autumnal nature such as branches with flowers and leaves, which can be arranged excellently in elegant vases. Place potted plants on a chest of drawers, on the dining or coffee table or on the windowsill and add acorns, nuts, apples and pears, pumpkins are also welcome in the Scandinavian autumn decoration, especially white pumpkins, because they write seamlessly into each Room decoration.

You can really create something beautiful with just a few materials.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause wenige Materialien Kerzen Vase mit Zweig dekorative Sterne aus Papier

Two small branches of rose hip arranged in glass are enough to create an eye-catcher in the interior.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Hagebuttenzweige in Glas Blickfang Kranz aus Zweigen vier Kerzen

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Hagebuttenzweige im Glas auf dem Tisch im Esszimmer

White pumpkins are a must in every autumn decoration, including this one in the Scandinavian style.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause zwei kleine weiße Kürbisse schwarze Vase mit Herbstblättern auf dem Kaminsims

Opt for matt black and white vases, colored pots in muted tones, a tool box or a metal tray to create a memorable centerpiece in your Scandinavian autumn decor. Fall leaves and twigs are a must here. Just keep their natural colors. Beauty lies in simplicity, as we wrote at the beginning of this article. Make your Scandinavian autumn decoration as natural and cool as possible. This is how you create a cozy, inviting atmosphere at home for the coming time up to Christmas. You don’t need a lot of money or a lot of energy to do this. Let your creativity play a role and create a unique autumn decoration in Nordic style.

Our editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and good luck!

With leaves you could create a unique Scandinavian decoration.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause grüne Blätter in Holzrahmen hängen von der Decke ausgefallene Idee

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause dunkle Blätter als Wanddeko Esszimmer Esstisch aus Holz rustikales Flair Vasen kerzen Geschirr

Autumn flowers also go well with it.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Konsolentisch dekorieren Vase mit Zweigen herbstliche Blüten Wandspiegel

These twigs and their delicate flowers are sure to feel comfortably warm in this improvised vase.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Vase in Wollstrumpf umwickelt Zweige zarte Blüten in Rot andere Vasen und Deko Artikel

With autumnal gifts of nature you can even set beautiful accents in the interior.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Wohnzimmer herbstlich dekorieren

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause große Vase mit Zweigen und gelben Blüten schöner Blickfang

As always, succulents are all-rounders when it comes to home decoration.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Sukkulenten in weißen Töpfen weiße Kerzen Geschirr auf dem Esstisch

While the pine cones get us in the mood for Christmas….

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Tannenzapfen arrangiert als Kranz auf einem hängenden Ring aus Metall Blickfang

Scroll down now and admire other great ideas for your Scandinavian autumn decoration at home.

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause skandinavisches Interieur in Weiß graue gestrickte Wolldecke auf dem Sofa kleine Deko Elemente

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause weiße Kerzen brennende Teelichter in Äpfeln auf dem Esstisch vor dem Fenster

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause rustikales Ambiente Sessel vor dem Kamin Tee trinken in gemütlicher Atmosphäre

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Blätter Muster dekorieren das Esszimmer und den Esstisch

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause bequeme Sitzkissen auf der Sitzbank am gedeckten Esstisch

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause offenes Regal aus Holz rustikaler Look Flechtkörbe Kerzen Girlande aus Tannenzapfen

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause graphitgrauer Ofen Kontrast zu weißem Hintergrund Deko Artikel

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause weißes Interieur Kamin Brennholz Deko Artikel gelbe Lampe

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Tablett aus Holz mit Moos Tannenzapfen Zweigen Kastanien arrangiert zwei Kerzen

Skandinavische Herbstdeko zu Hause Schlafzimmer herbstlich dekoriert helles Holz Blätter im Rahmen an der Wand kleine schwarze Akzente

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