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How do you choose the right shade sail for you? Here are the best Maanta products

If you are looking for the right home accessory to make your garden really cozy, you have come to the right place. Especially if you are preparing for summer and looking for a shady spot to relax this summer, Maanta is for you. The company deals with products and accessories that can be useful for outdoor areas. The company has been designing and manufacturing sails, fastenings and all the accessories associated with the assembly and maintenance of these products for many years. The Maanta outdoor solutions are actually among the best on the market and have been particularly successful on the international market in recent years.

A shade sail offers you the shade you want on hot summer days.

Sonnensegel Haus Außenbereich Essecke im Freien im Schatten sitzen Schutz vor Sonnenstrahlen

The company was founded in Italy, in Vicenza, and began its journey with a focus on awning. Today, however, the company’s catalog has many more products that have naturally been introduced to meet the new needs of customers. In this article we will find out what is new and what products are currently available on the company’s website, and we will analyze all of the features that make Maanta products so competitive.

Sun sails are widely used not only in private gardens, but also in those of clubs and bars.

Sonnensegel Schutz vor starker Sonne breiter Einsatz in privaren Gärten auch Gärten von Clubs Bars


Shade sails are extremely adaptable products for many situations, which is why they are the most popular product among Maanta customers. This type of sail can be used by private individuals who are looking for a little shelter in their garden, but also by clubs and bars who want to create a place outdoors or on a terrace. A distinction must be made between two types: waterproof and breathable. The waterproof model is designed to be waterproof even in poor weather conditions. The second model, on the other hand, is precisely designed to protect against the strong rays of the sun, and the material with which it is made promotes air circulation.

There are two types, waterproof and breathable shade sails.

Sonnensegel zwei Arten wasserdicht und luftdurchlässig schutzt vor starken Sonnenstrahlen gute Luftzirkulation wasserdicht beim Regen

The vertical awning protects your interior from the hot sun and from prying eyes from neighbors.

Sonnensegel Senkrechtmarkise schützt vor heißer Sonne und vor neugierigen Blicken der nachbarn


This product is ideal if you are looking for a bit of protection from the summer heat. It is easy to install on balconies and patios, and the material allows better shielding from sunlight and heat. In addition, this model has the advantage that it can ensure greater privacy. In fact, when it’s hot, we’re used to opening the window and then giving up some of our privacy. With this solution, this problem will no longer exist!

You can also buy matching posts with the shade sail.

Sonnensegel Masten dazu passende Pfosten kaufen leichte Montage breiten Einsatz


When buying a sail, regardless of its model, you can also buy posts to which it can be attached. For this reason, the choice of this product should be considered fundamental. Once anchored to the sails, masts from Maanta have the great advantage that they are adjustable. This allows the company’s customers to lower or raise the height and inclination of their sails according to the course of the sun. This is a type of technology that Maanta has worked with over the years that has enabled the company to offer products that can be more and more personalized by customers.

Masts are easily adjustable.

Sonnensegel Masten passende pfosten leicht verstellbar

You can warmly welcome the summer with high-quality vertical awnings!

Sonnensegel stilvoll eingerichtete Terrasse am See hochwertige Senkrechtmarkisen guter Sonnenschutz

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