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Scandinavian cuisine with a rustic flair – what makes it so popular?

The Scandinavian style, also known as Scandi Style, has been enjoying increasing popularity in recent years, mainly due to its simplicity and natural charm. We have reported several times on our website about various Scandinavian designs. Today we want to take a close look at Scandinavian cuisine, and more precisely those that have a bit of rustic flair. You can see wonderful examples of Scandinavian kitchen design in our picture gallery. Black, gray and white natural wood are characteristic of the Scandinavian style, while they are paired with woven baskets, hand-woven fabrics in country house style and other accessories in shabby chic. Do we want to see together how you can design your kitchen in Scandi style, keep the room minimalist or introduce a slight vintage touch?

The Scandinavian kitchen can be designed in a minimalist way and yet have a light rustic flair with it.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair minimalistisch gestaltet alte Holzbank weitere rustikale Holzgegenstände Farbschema weiß grau Hängeleuchten

No luxury, but the simplicity in Scandinavian design is unsurpassable.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair einfaches Design sehr ansprechend auf der Arbeitsplatte Vase mit Blumen

– The Scandinavian kitchen combines high aesthetics and functionality in design

The Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, usefulness and beauty and seems a bit reserved. It is mostly focused on warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and restrained elegance. For this reason, numerous interior designers believe that Scandinavian design borders on minimalism. It comes into its own in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are characterized by clear lines and simple design. Simple pendant lights made of metal or glass, neutral tiled back walls and a few dabs of wood and metal create Nordic beauty. Such kitchens are usually designed in neutral colors such as gray, beige, creamy white, and even snow white. However, they can also be designed in muted colors such as gray, graphite, light blue, green or slate gray.

Weiß und einige schwarze Akzente machen das nordische Küchendesign aus.

Scandinavian kitchen rustic flair kitchen back wall white tiles black grout color scheme white with black accents hanging lamp candlestick pot with green plant vase with flowers on the dining table

Green plants and some light-colored wood break up the monotony and make the Scandinavian kitchen look very cozy.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair grüne Pflanzen helles Holz geflieste Küchenrückwand sehr ansprechende Atmosphäre

The high aesthetics are paired with functionality in the north. That’s why they have wide worktops and an elegant kitchen island cuts a fine figure in many contemporary kitchens. Contrasts are welcome here. For example, you can design your kitchen back wall with light tiles, but put it on dark joints. This color contrast is striking and makes the whole kitchen design stand out. If you introduce black or graphite gray into a typically white Scandinavian kitchen, you are definitely creating more drama.

An elegant kitchen island makes kitchen work easier and serves functionality.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair graues Farbschema sehr stilvoll gestaltet Kücheninsel Hocker Hängeleuchten Vase mit blühenden Zweigen

Here you have decided on different shades of gray.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Holz verschiedene Graunuancen schöne Atmosphäre

The kitchen back wall is made of gray marble and attracts everyone’s attention.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair hell einladend Küchenrückwand grauer Marmor Blickfang

  • The Scandinavian cuisine scores with maximum comfort

Nowadays we have unlimited design options, so that you could create any style and any desired atmosphere in your four walls. But if you want maximum comfort, then choose the rustic style. The first thing you need is rough wood or wicker furniture, then rustic fabrics – tablecloths or pillows. Now you can add whatever accessories you want: candle holders and lanterns, decorative pieces for shabby chic style, antlers for hunter style, stump tables for natural style. Below are more examples of how you can create a Scandinavian kitchen with a strong can of rustic charm. Don’t forget, you need built-in lights to properly design a Scandinavian kitchen. These will help you see and find everything you need in the kitchen.

Wood, wicker chairs and woven fabrics add a rustic touch to Scandinavian cuisine.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair grau weiß wenig schwarz helles Holz Korbstuhl gewebte Stoffe

These retro chairs fit perfectly into the Scandinavian kitchen design.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Retro Stühle runder Esstisch grau dominiert

The pendant lights are a must here.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair hell und geräumig elegante Pendelleuchten ein Muss

The wood makes this Scandinavian kitchen look warm and cozy.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair weiß und helles Holz einladende Atmosphäre warm gemütlich

If you introduce vintage elements into kitchen design, you get a Scandinavian kitchen with a retro flair. Opt for white and whitewashed surfaces, light wood cabinets, a vintage stove and a retro cooker hood. Pendant lights that add the finishing touches to the interior go well with this. A Scandinavian kitchen with a rustic flair exudes a lot of cosiness, it symbolizes domestic comfort, where everyone feels really good. Just dare to mix up the styles a bit. That would make your Scandinavian style kitchen look stunning and, of course, simple.

The old wooden bench exudes a strong retro charm.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair alte Holzbank starker Retro Charme Esstisch in weiß gestrichen Vasen weiße Tulpen Hängeleuchten

You express your style through your kitchen design. An open fireplace has been perfectly integrated into the kitchen design and the firewood hidden underneath.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair offener Kamin Retro Stil Brennholz lagern

The following picture examples can convince you better. These are an excellent source of inspiration for everyone who wants to set up and design a Scandinavian kitchen with a rustic flair. Have fun looking through it and good luck in realizing the ideas!

Retro aesthetics and Nordic beauty go hand in hand here.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Retro Ästhetik offene Holzregale große Dunsthaube weiße Küchenschränke viel Holz

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Kücheninsel Hängeleuchten Blumen schöne Atmosphäre

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair die Küche verstecken im Retro Stil

Every housewife wants such a kitchen.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair weiß helles Holz gefliester Boden

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Retro Akzente kleiner Läufer schwarze Tafel offenes Regal

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair weißes Ambiente schwarze Hocker vor der Kücheninsel graue Marmorrückwand

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair weiß dezentes Licht grüne Pflanzen als Akzente Holzhocker

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair weiße Schränke Arbeitsplatte und Kücheninsel aus hellem Holz grüne Pflanzen als Blickfang

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Ofen im Hintergrund weiß helles Holz Maserung

The Scandinavian kitchen with a rustic flair is inviting and cozy.

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair schwarz und weiß im Farbduo etwas helles Holz Stilmix verschiedene Stühle Hängeleuchte

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Esstisch im Vordergrund Vase dünne Holzinsel aus hellem Holz Weinregal im Hintergrund

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair schöne Gestaltung Küchenrückwand aus hellem Marmor Unterschränke aus hellem Holz

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair geflieste Wände weiß grau Hängelampen Industriestyle grüne Topfpflanze

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair offene Regale alles weiß schwarze sehr ansprechend Pendelleuchten

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair graues Interieur Pendelleuchte Kücheninsel Hocker

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair Unterschränke aus Holz sonst weiß dominiert geflieste Wand Pendelleuchte

Skandinavische Küche rustikales Flair weiß dominiert schwarze Akzente Pendelleuchten über der Kücheninsel

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