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Portable bathtubs for the garden – lots of fun and enjoyment outside

As a child, you probably dreamed of having a bathtub in the garden and splashing around for hours in the summer without being disturbed. This is now possible, because there are great bathtubs on the market that “travel” with you. Yes, they are portable and can easily be placed anywhere in the garden.

portable bathtub jacuzzi bathtub

An old childhood dream is now becoming a reality

There are many advantages to owning an outdoor hot tub. On every warm day you can have a lot of fun there, not even swimming alone, but spend amusing hours in the sun and in the fresh air with friends or family members. The elegant hemisphere weighs around 75 kg and holds around 640-650 l of water – that’s perfectly enough for four people who want to enjoy bathing outside together. To heat the water, the tub must be connected to the heating system using metal hoses. It’s not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. When the water temperature reaches 30 degrees C, it’s time to get into the bathtub.

Bath tub Dutchtub

In principle, you can place your portable bathtub anywhere in the garden

The outdoor jacuzzis from the Danish company Schoonderbeek are particularly attractive. Its portable garden bathtubs have been on the market for many years, but now they come in a variety of colors, with a more modern design and even a wood look. You can choose something suitable for the garden depending on your own taste and personal preferences. Under Schoonderbeek’s products you will find perfect portable bathtubs for outdoors in the following colors – orange, gray, olive green, powder blue and terracotta red. For more information you can visit the website of the Danish manufacturer.

DutchTub design bathtub

Complete relaxation in lukewarm water

The production of the Danish manufacturer Schoonderbeek is exported to Holland, Germany and other EU countries, but also to Australia, Canada, the USA and other countries around the world. The well-known brand guarantees the top quality of its products. They are all tempting with their innovative design, but also very practical. The big plus of these portable outdoor bathtubs comes from the fact that you can always have a warm outdoor bath and enjoy it to the full. This allows you to have a real bathing pleasure in the garden! Now you can enjoy bathing outdoors in any location and in all possible weather conditions. If even the temperature outside drops and it gets freezing, you could still chill out and really relax in your outdoor jacuzzi. The Portable Wood Burning Hot Tub is made in China and does not require electricity, all you need is water and some firewood and natural circulation. And there is enough space for up to four adults in this bathtub. This outdoor whirlpool has a larger water capacity and uses a stainless steel heating coil. When burning wood, the water in the tub is heated to the desired temperature. Then it’s time to take a relaxing bath, isn’t it?

Luxury bathtub

Fun and pleasure in the bathtub for outside

Bathtub for the garden

You can also swim outside on colder days

exclusive bathtub

Have a great bathing experience in the middle of nature

Bathtub outdoor Dutchtub

The outdoor pool travels with you

Bathtub Dutchtub hot tub

This bathtub is portable

portable bathtub jacuzzi bathtub

Portable bathtubs for the garden

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