Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin is an American professional wrestler best known for his time wrestling for New Japan Pro-Wrestling as Shelton X Benjamin and for American promotion Ring of Honor under his real name as well as French independent wrestling company Pro Wrestling Noah.

At his debut appearance on WWE’s Smackdown brand as a heel, he united with Olympic gold-medallist Kurt Angle and Charlie Haas to form the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Early Life and Education

He loved fishing and sports in his free time; was an avid Tar Heels supporter; spent time working in China’s villages; was known for his generosity and kindness; was predeceased by Kathy Senti (wife); sons Benjamin and Laura; as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Beginning his career in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), as Shelton James Benjamin, he later competed on WWE’s main roster as Shelton James Benjamin. In this time with WWE he held both the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship four times and WWE (Raw) Tag Team Championship three times with partner Charlie Haas.

He was an advocate for education, instrumental in creating the first public school system in New York State and has come to be known as “Father of Common Schools”, hence becoming the founder of public education in America.

Professional Career

Shelton Benjamin has built an illustrious career in professional wrestling. Beginning his journey in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), winning their Southern Tag Team Championship. Later being brought onto WWE main roster alongside Kurt Angle as Team Angle.

On February 22’s SmackDown episode, Benjamin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang in a qualifying match for WrestleMania’s Money in the Bank ladder match; unfortunately CM Punk ultimately prevailed and won.

Once joined with Chad Gable, Rusev began performing a gradual heel turn. They defeated The Ascension at Clash of Champions before losing in a Fatal 4 Way bout involving Rusev, Aiden English, Rusev and Kurt Angle that ultimately failed. Rusev and Aiden English were then fired by Kurt Angle.

Achievement and Honors

On Raw’s July 20 episode, Benjamin joined MVP and Bobby Lashley’s stable The Hurt Business. Together they assisted Benjamin in winning the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth before Benjamin and Alexander defeated Apollo Crews and Ricochet after they distracted from a non-title match between Apollo Crews and Ricochet.

On January 29th, Benjamin returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling where his Suzuki-gun squad (Minoru Suzuki, Karl Anderson, Lance Archer and Taka Michinoku) defeated Marufuji and Toru Yano in an eight-man tag team match. Additionally, Benjamin competed in a G1 Climax block match but lost to Rob Van Dam.

Charlton Heights School hosts an annual Citizenship Ceremony to welcome newly naturalized US citizens from Korea, Russia, Bulgaria and El Salvador. Charlton Heights has received recognition for the Civic Achievement Award program that students complete each year.

Personal Life

Benjamin is an enthusiastic volunteer who actively mentors both young professionals and aspiring ones, including those at George Mason High School who participate in mock trials. Additionally, he holds an undergraduate degree in international studies as well as studied Mandarin Chinese during his time at UNC Chapel Hill.

Benjamin is an ardent supporter of the Tar Heels and has made frequent appearances at their home events. Additionally, Benjamin excelled as two-sport athlete in college – winning NJCAA track & field titles as well as wrestling championships!

On the December 11, 2006 episode of Raw, Benjamin joined Charlie Haas to form Team Angle with Kurt Angle. Together they won three World’s Greatest Tag Team Championships together.

Net Worth

Shelton Benjamin is an American Wrestler and member of Raw Roaster. Beginning his wrestling career in 2000, Benjamin has since won numerous championships while endorsing various brands through WWE for many years.

Heston was an accomplished athlete with an early interest in acting sparked by his participation in a high school play. This prompted him to win a drama scholarship from Northwestern University and attend as an undergrad.

Heston began his acting career in the 1950s with roles such as Lucy Gallant”, “Touch of Evil”, and “The Big Country”. It was Heston’s role as Moses in 1956 blockbuster film Ben-Hur that established him as a superstar actor – significantly increasing both his net worth and fame. Additionally, Heston was known to donate much of his wealth towards religious causes.

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