Songs Like Devil In A New Dress

Songs Like “Devil in a New Dress” by Alternative Artists

Kanye West has not been credited as the producer of “Devil in a New Dress” but has been compared to his composition style. Despite this, sales figures have been based solely on certification. The comparisons have not been accurate. Songs by Alternative artists are also being compared to “Devil in a New Dress.”

Song comparisons

The first song comparison to “Devil in a New Dress” occurred about a decade ago, when the rapper Kanye West dropped it as part of his GOOD Fridays album. This song is a masterpiece in the genre and has won numerous accolades, including a Grammy for Best Rap Album. It has won numerous BET Hip Hop Awards including CD of Year. While it won a Grammy, many critics believe that the song has lost some of its “relativity” compared to when it dropped, during the bright-eyed Obama era.

The production of Devil in a New Dress has a flawless quality. There are heavenly vocal samples that cannot be replicated on any other song. Kanye’s vocals on this track are top-notch and the delivery is flawless. Rick Ross contributed a great verse, which is one of his best. The guitar solo, featuring a Mike Dean solo about halfway through the song, is also worth noting.


For many people, the influences of a song like “Devil in a New Dress” are the sounds of soul, funk, and R&B. The song’s composition style is similar to Kanye West’s, even though he is not listed as a producer. Some critics have questioned the song’s purpose due to the lengthy guitar solo. Ross’s influence on the song is largely due American soul and R&B music.

“Devil in a New Dress”, Kanye West’s eighth studio album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” was released as the eighth song. The album also features Rick Ross. “Devil in a New Dress” is a song in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, and was released in the USA as a single track on the rapper’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Compared to his debut album, the song is minimal and unadorned.

“Devil in a New Dress” by Kanye West was composed accidentally. The Bink! and Mike Dean beat lends the song a cinematic aura. The song runs for nearly six minutes, and Kanye’s verses discuss the strain of fame on Kanye’s romantic life. The song encapsulates the constant tug-of-war between fame and success.

Comparisons to Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress”

The eighth track from Kanye West’s fifth studio album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, is a song about lust and bragging about the things you own. The track features a classic chorus and clever lyricism. The track doesn’t have a music video but it is available to download from the artist’s YouTube channel. It has over eight million views and ninety-five thousand likes.

The song’s composition owes much to the accidental nature of its composition. The Bink! and Mike Dean beat, which runs for nearly six minutes, elicits images of Yeezy sitting alone on a gold-plated throne. The lyrics depict the constant tug-of war between success and romance. Kanye’s verses talk about the strain fame places on his romantic life.

The lyrics, lyricism, and production on “Devil in a New Dress” are incredibly clever and moving. Kanye’s voice is impeccable, and the production has aged wonderfully. The song may not be the best in the world, but it has earned itself a spot in the annals of hip-hop music. It is actually the greatest Kanye song ever.

Alternative artists

Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress” (feat. Rick Ross) is a track from the Hip-Hop/Rap genre. The song was originally released in the USA as Track 10, on his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It is currently available for streaming or download on Apple Music. The song has been remixed by many artists, including J. Cole and Eminem.

Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress”, sampled Kanye’s song “Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow?” Smokey Robinson recorded the recording. The song has lyrics in three languages, and Kanye’s version is essentially a murder ballad that resembles West’s own sound. The two songs are also similar in their style, blending soul-influenced vocals with hip-hop beats.

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