Soql Not Like Wildcard

If you have ever encountered the problem, “SOQL not like wildcard,” you’re not alone. Many people experience this problem as well, and there are several different possible solutions. This article discusses some of them, including the best way to deal with it. First, understand how wildcards work in SOQL. If you don’t understand how wildcards work in SOQL, read on.

The LIKE operator searches for a specified pattern in a column. It can be used in conjunction with wildcard characters, which simplify searches. It’s worth pointing out that this operator is only available in ArcGIS versions 9.x and earlier. Later versions of the software may have different functionality, names, and locations. Also, the LIKE operator is case sensitive, so if you’re using it to match an attribute value, you must match its case.

SOQL is useful in modeling data. Instead of relying on wildcards to filter the data, SOQL restricts the types of queries that become bottlenecks in the database. Selective queries, on the other hand, use filters on indexed fields to reduce the scanning time and resource consumption. If you’re using SOQL for your Salesforce development, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the syntax before you begin.

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