What teachers need?What teachers need?

What teachers need?

Similar to a craftsman, who would be quite stuck without his tools, teachers also need a certain basic equipment. A modern teacher’s bag, a teacher’s calendar, pens for corrections and possibly a laminator and laminating pouches are part of the typical teacher’s needs.

What do you call a prospective teacher?

In most German states, candidates in the field of teacher training/teacher training bear the official designation Studienreferendar (StRef) if they are being trained for a career in the higher service (teaching post at grammar schools or vocational schools), teachers for the higher service have the …

Where can I find teaching positions?

Selection procedures take place at the schools and the school authorities. The hiring authorities are usually the district governments. All teachers who have a teaching qualification can apply.

Are you a teacher after your traineeship?

After the legal clerkship, the question often arises as to whether, as a teacher, you will benefit from being a civil servant. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in general terms. As a rule, teachers of all types of schools can be civil servants.

What comes after the teacher training?

In my experience, candidates trained in NaWi subjects, mathematics, but also art and music usually have good chances at the moment. That doesn’t mean it has to be difficult for other subject combinations, while I was looking around these were the most searched subjects.

Should I cancel the traineeship?

Before you drop out, you should find out whether it is possible to start again in the respective federal state. “A drop out – at least in Berlin – does not mean that you can never do a traineeship again. All times and services provided will be credited. This is how you can apply again.

Can I change schools during my legal clerkship?

You should give them good reasons for your change: training situation, study groups, “chemistry” with your colleagues, etc. However, such a change halfway through the ref would have to.

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