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Finding a new apartment can be difficult in the big cities. You almost always have to reckon with high rental costs and low living space. Even in a house, each family member wants to take up as much space as possible. It’s no wonder that functionality and space-saving design are in high demand in interior design ideas these days. How do you best use the available space? You can find our selection of all-rounders in home design in today’s article.

In the bedroom

There is often a tendency to keep unused items of clothing and textiles in the bedroom. Many companies offer practical solutions for this with optimal storage space under the bed. Most of the time, the drawers adapt quickly to the rest of the interior, as in this living example. The height of the room and the space under the bed were cleverly used.

Small bedroom decoration idea lack of space

Skilfully incorporate the corners of the room into the design using a modular system

Murphy beds are only used when required, but such a designer modular system would provide a special sleeping experience. As a reserve, the foldable bed could save you a lot of inconvenience when visiting relatives.

We think this model is excellent. The creamy pastel color looks cozy and can help optically if there is insufficient light. The metallic elements reflect the light and appear varied. A real hit.

Wall bed additional furniture space-saving modern

Modern folding beds look anything but old-fashioned

The whole bedroom can sometimes be designed with a functional modular system. In this case, every solid angle can be used optimally.

Designer modular system space-saving concept

Experience functionality and dynamism with space-saving designer module systems

A designer folding mattress offers a lot of cosiness and comfort. During the day it can be used as a stool with little space requirement.

Multifunctional bed stool armchair futon

Multifunctional furniture is on the rise: here in the form of an innovative bed design

Geometric patterns like our next example have a style-defining effect in compact living spaces. This coat hook is the epitome of a space-saving home accessory.

Ikea bar wall hook geometric

Interesting geometric shapes

In the living room

Built-in wardrobes and modular systems in the interior are always good ideas for room design. In addition to an attractive appearance, the practical properties are also important here. The modern clever designs are functional without somehow overloading the interior design.
A home theater is effortlessly created as a result of this great design! The large wooden table, which can be folded out, fits under the modular system. Additional storage space is available behind the movable screen holder.

Innovative TV cabinet Smartliving space-saving gray mustard yellow

All-rounder with a beautiful, innovative design

TV wall unit with storage space

Swiveling TV panel behind which folding chairs can be stowed

Cleverly designed, sophisticated coffee tables are particularly helpful in the most popular living room. Equipped with a robust design and height-adjustable function, this model can be used as a desk or cocktail table, depending on the occasion.

Living room coffee table glass designer modern

Modern living room table with glass top in three versions

Versatile designer furniture can also satisfy the highest quality demands. Take a look at our next living idea: this fun, multifunctional sofa in orange catches the eye with its color and shape. Amazingly, it can be transformed into a stylish bunk bed. The steel has light-reflecting properties and is therefore visually pleasant.

Designer multifunctional furniture sofa bunk bed orange

Clever design idea in combination with an attractive color

Another seating option is this cleverly designed leather armchair with a cavity! As in this case, it could be filled with books and magazines. So you have your reading material to hand and keep the coffee table tidy. A real highlight in home design.

Classic leather armchair, individual design options

Classic armchair with a cavity that can be filled with decorative or practical fillings

Chairs and armchairs with obvious storage space immediately transform into great eye-catchers in the room. You could store rarely used decorative items or electrical devices in it. The transparent acrylic glass allows a certain airiness. If necessary, the furniture can be used as a side table or a ladder replacement.

Chair side table acrylic glass storage space

Flexible stools are a must in a small space.

In the kitchen

Pull-out furnishing elements are not just a part of student life. Small living rooms do not allow massive wooden tables, but can be furnished stylishly and comfortably.
The modern folding tables offer functionality and a simple design. This way you won’t clutter the dining table with unnecessary items. Wall folding tables also leave more free space for other furniture.

Folding table folding table space-saving wood black

Use a practical folding table and have more space in the small living room

Practical utensils Walls like this one are great additions to the living space as they keep your work surfaces in order.

Kitchen furniture space-saving utensil wall folding table

An upholstered sofa in a shade similar to the floor creates an illusion of more space.

Nobody has an infinite amount of storage space, so the closets often have to be cleared and the clothes re-sorted! A multifunctional piece of furniture shouldn’t necessarily be small, otherwise you would feel like Alice in a tiny house. Harmony in home design is important: mix your favorite objects with the necessary home accessories.

Compact design idea folding table picture

Space-saving dining table that is attached to the wall and transforms into a modern picture

Coffee table dining table extendable high quality elegance

Any mirror surfaces represent interesting optical effects in the small living room

Designer table ensemble bookshelf compact

The rectangular table allows guests and hosts a cozy get-together

Space-saving solution seating furniture in the living room

Slim table legs reveal more of the available floor space in the small room

Partition wall room divider small kitchen

Divide the room into two separate living areas

Kitchen utensils handy knife set

Extraordinary knife set with an artistic character

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