Sport: What makes a good cross course?

When driving on cross tracks, the setting is limited to the pilot, his vehicle and the track. There are no clear rules and no traffic, especially oncoming traffic, to be considered. Above all, you have to be extremely fit mentally and physically to be able to compete on a cross course. Below is everything you need to know about the peculiarities of such a course and what is important in order to be able to survive there.

What makes a good cross course?  GCC German Cross Country, 6th run 2019 in Schefflenz

What is an enduro/cross course?

Cross routes are used with solo motorcycles as well as with ATVs, quads or with side-by-sides (SxS). The pilot decides whether he puts together the route himself or whether he already uses a ready-made course. Tracks that have an operator are mainly advantageous because they offer special obstacles, groomed sections and meetings with other drivers. However, it can also be driven on a random route in the forest – of course, driving bans and public rules should be observed, and on top of that it should be clear whether the residents there agree with the driving activities. Since this is quite difficult in German-speaking countries, it is advisable to use routes that are designated for this. But here, too, it is important to note: only very few of the operating (solo bike) MotoCross clubs also open their courses for ATVs and quads, as these often require their own routes due to their second track, and with the wide SxS it will be the case in this regard really close to us.

What is important in a cross course?

There are certain criteria that determine the quality of a cross course. Only when the most important elements are in place can you have a real challenge in addition to driving fun.
Very classic: a straight. A straight line can be of any length and is the simplest element. Its purpose is to allow riders to pick up speed, which is why there are no obstacles on this part.
obstacle course: These obstacles can be very flexible, also in terms of the materials the elements are made of. These include, for example, stairs made of trunks, a movable stone floor, but also other creative elements. In addition, the difficulty with these obstacles can be varied well.
What makes a good cross course?  GCC German Cross Country, 6th run 2019 in SchefflenzA wet or muddy track: Of course, a flat river or a section of mud can also be incorporated into a cross course. In order to pass these obstacles, sensitivity on the handlebars and a high level of concentration are required. Such sections are often used in races in particular.
hill routes: Hilly sections are very complex because you have to master a good mix of speed and weight transfer. The obstacle can only be passed successfully if this interaction is right.
Stunt Module / ‘Tables’: These modules are very popular with many riders because they involve driving over a larger hill and jumping from there. Especially in show races, stunts are popular.

Safety first with the right gear

In addition to a good track and a strong vehicle, the equipment must of course also fit: MX equipment can also be bought online, whereby it is important that it is light and yet robust. This gives you the necessary freedom of movement, but is still adequately protected. Above all, protectors in the chest and back areas are important, as these are sensitive areas where you can easily injure yourself.

What makes a good cross course?  GCC German Cross Country, 7th run / final 2019 in Bühlertann

quad racing

A popular way to experience the variety of cross-country courses in Germany is offered by quad racing, and not only for those who are entitled to a podium, but also for amateur athletes who simply let off steam with their vehicles off-road and want to meet like-minded people with whom they can exchange ideas. Another advantage: The pilots do not have to worry about route permits and organization, they can simply arrive and start with their device. The only requirement: your vehicles must comply with the regulations, and the driver’s license from the organizer or a motorsport club must often be available.

Cups & Championships in Germany

The largest CU with its own classes for ATVs and quads in Germany is the German Cross Country Championship (GCC). There are also popular regional championships, above all the Endurance Masters (EM) in the east, the ADAC North Rhine MX Cup in the west and the MotoCross Hessen Cup in central Germany; In addition, the ADAC Schleswig Holstein is on the road in the far north with a number of series that are more aimed at popular sports. As part of the Quad Cups, there is currently a separate class for side-by-sides only at the Endurance Masters (EM), otherwise SxS pilots can let off steam at the German Off Road Masters (GORM) – a championship primarily aimed at off-road vehicles , but for which you should bring the right amount of driving expertise.
What makes a good cross course?  Championship celebration at the 7th GCC run / final 2019 in BühlertannLast year 2020, ‘Corona’ led to event cancellations and postponements in almost all series, and this was also the case in the current year 2021. But the runs are currently taking place again, even if, in addition to incidence values ​​and hygiene concepts, the risk of forest fires due to the prevailing drought and the African swine flu in the east stand in the way of the permits. So it is to be hoped that at least some of the originally scheduled races can still be held this year, because in the end driving among like-minded people always has a charm that drifting alone in the gravel pit has nothing to counteract. x

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