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Spring is coming soon! Now it’s time to redesign the balcony!

Today we present you with remarkable design ideas for your balcony, which you can easily implement within minutes.

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of free space to redesign: so think about how you can use the available space practically. Should you get extra folding chairs or can you be creative with comfortable wooden furniture?

minimalist design wooden furniture space-saving furniture balcony area

Relax and get some fresh air on the balcony

In addition to furniture, you should leave space for your potted plants so that the cozy atmosphere is guaranteed. Incidentally, too many objects can appear cluttered.

small balcony chic feminine design inspiration

Your own oasis of well-being in the big city

These are the two basic rules when designing a balcony. From now on we share little things that spice up the balcony.

Balcony furniture black and white outdoor furniture

Round metal table and director’s chair

Flower pots give you a green view, even if you have a small balcony. Place green plants and classic lanterns and you have your own little landscape.

Balcony plants DIY wind light glass

The different shades of green, as well as the beguiling scents captivate the senses

Spring colors pastel colors relax balcony design

Spring-like balcony experience

stylish wicker furniture bamboo roller blind hanging chair

The cozy colors and materials are important parts of the balcony design

Decorative pillows bring summery colors, sophisticated style and home comfort to every balcony. Waterproof material protects against stains and possible color changes. With an artistic design, you will have a second, smaller living room.

Seating furniture, outdoor cushions, carpeting, balcony flooring, wood

On the narrow side of the balcony there is a comfortable seating area enclosed on three sides

striking balcony design oversized kiseen

Set up a cozy, exotic seating area

modern balcony design decoration euro pallets wooden table

Splendor of colors, lantern and fairy lights for sociable evenings

Fresh herbs from our own cultivation taste best. The balcony herbs are all the rage in the large stands.

Vitamin bar beautify the balcony herb garden set up a terrace

Natural materials and local herbs

Pieces of furniture in vintage or retro style can be effortlessly placed on the balcony and create a unique atmosphere there.

Cream-colored terracotta pots of retreat

The right furniture set ensures you comfort and convenience, not to mention a great look for the balcony

With the help of folding furniture and home textiles, every balcony can be redesigned to be cozy, especially during spring cleaning!

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