Can you get unemployment benefits after graduation?

Can you get unemployment benefits after graduation?

Unemployment benefits are paid to anyone who has previously been employed subject to social security contributions for at least twelve months at a time. Usually this does not apply to students. Therefore, you are more likely to be entitled to unemployment benefit II, better known as Hartz IV. The standard rate is currently 391 euros per month.

How will I have health insurance after graduation?

If you have a job after graduation, when it comes to health insurance it depends on whether it triggers compulsory insurance or not. If the employment is subject to compulsory insurance, the case is simple, your employer and you share the contributions for the statutory health and long-term care insurance.

What’s next after the bachelor’s degree?

In general, it can be said: At universities and ETH, the master’s degree is the standard qualification and the vast majority of them aim for a master’s degree after completing their bachelor’s degree. At the technical college, on the other hand, it is more of a minority who choose this path, since the regular FH Bachelor’s degree usually already qualifies for the profession.

How important is the first job after graduation?

For many, the first job after graduation is seen as an entry point, possibly even as a purely transitory position. Another factor that plays a role for many graduates: The main thing is to get started quickly, not leave any gaps and start your first job shortly after graduation.

What can I do when I have studied art?

What professions are there with an art degree? Freelance artist, gallerist and auctioneer, art teacher at universities and schools, art dealer, research work, art historian, journalist.

Is it possible to do an apprenticeship after graduation?

It is therefore hardly surprising that many university graduates still decide on an apprenticeship. On the one hand, because a large proportion of the young academics cannot find a job after completing their studies. If these skills have little to do with the course itself, they have to be deepened in a separate training course.

Can you still do an apprenticeship at 30?

There is no age limit for training.

Who decides whether the training can be shortened?

The shortening of the apprenticeship period is requested from the competent authority, which then decides on it. Your training company must also agree, as you usually have to submit the applications together or they will be asked about your application.

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