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Stephanie Hayden-Ford – American Firearms Specialist

Stephanie Hayden-Ford, an American firearms specialist, has had a fascination for weapons since she was five. Today she serves as both manager and partner at Red Jacket Firearms LLC which manufactures customized guns for security agencies.

She became well-known through her appearance in Sons of Guns reality TV show and is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $500k. Additionally, she co-owns her family’s weapon making shop.

Early Life and Education

Stephanie Hayden-ford is an American firearm specialist. Growing up with guns and learning to shoot from an early age, she soon developed an interest in hunting as well as becoming proficient at sniping. Stephanie currently works at her father’s company Red Jacket Weapons LLC where they specialize in customizing and selling firearms to private individuals, security firms and law enforcement agencies.

Hayden initially supported her father and believed he wouldn’t do such acts, yet later stated that her father also abused her as well.

Kris Ford and she welcomed a son together. Together they work at Red Jacket Firearms as part of their family business.

Professional Career

She is an acclaimed American firearms expert who gained fame from appearing on Sons of Guns reality television show. Additionally, she works as production manager at Red Jacket Firearms where her father taught her gun usage from an early age; later becoming an enthusiastic weapon enthusiast herself – also enjoying rock climbing, horseback riding, writing and photography as hobbies.

Kris Ford is a firearms expert and cast member on Sons of Guns; together they are parents to two unnamed children whose names haven’t been made public yet. However, in 2014 both were arrested on child abuse and assault allegations after Ford used his belt on one child to strike their legs and buttocks, leaving a large bruise behind.

Achievement and Honors

Stephanie Hayden Ford is best known as appearing on the reality television show Sons of Guns about her father’s Red Jacket Firearms shop and features customers and gunsmiths working there.

Stephanie is married to Kris Ford, an expert firearms specialist who works at Red Jacket. Kris also rose to prominence through his role on Sons of Guns; these former cast members later married privately and welcomed three children between them: two boys and a girl.

However, their happiness was abruptly interrupted in 2014 when Stephanie accused her father of sexually abusing her at 12 years old. He was charged with multiple crimes including aggravated rape, forcible rape and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

Personal Life

Stephanie Hayden Ford is a wife and mother to three children. Previously she was married to William Scott; however, their marriage did not last. Later she met Kris Ford whom she has two sons with as well as one daughter from their relationship; Kris also works at Red Jacket Firearms LLC customizing firearms for security agencies as well as individuals.

Will is accused of abusing her when she was 12 years old. He has been charged with multiple sex offenses such as child molestation and aggravated sexual assault; since the incident, his partner and she have lived under the radar. She holds American citizenship while her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Net Worth

Stephanie Hayden-Ford has an estimated net worth of $804 thousand. Her earnings stem from her career as a businessperson and firearm expert. Stephanie prefers living a modest lifestyle without disclosing details of any private matters to media.

At an early age, she became fascinated with guns thanks to the influence of her father. Following graduation, she joined his firm, Red Jacket Firearms LLC, which specializes in producing customized guns for sale to both private and government security agencies. Not due to nepotistic trends but because she excelled at what she did.

Kris Ford, an expert firearm specialist working for her company, became her husband in 2011. Together they now share two children.

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