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Steve Childers – Celebrity Biography

Steve Childers is the Founder and President of Pathway Learning, which offers educational pathways for church leaders in developing countries. Additionally, he serves as Professor of Practical Theology and Director of RTS Orlando’s Doctor of Ministry program.

Erich serves on the boards of directors for Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center and Lake Land College Foundation as well as Eastern Illinois University’s Business Advisory Board.

Early Life and Education

Steve Childers grew up in Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle, discovering his love of art early. Scholastic Magazine awarded him a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to study at the University of Tulsa; since then he has worked as a graphic artist, taught high school history and government, and coached football, basketball, baseball, and track teams.

Childers joined the SCORE mentor/protege program, working closely with Dick Hopfensperger of Green Bay, an experienced businessperson who advised him on marketing and fundraising efforts for NYFO league. Over time, Childers was successful at growing NYFO from two teams to 362 children across 25 teams; however, all this extra work has begun taking its toll; Childers admits spending too many hours at his desk before realizing he needs time off for himself.

Professional Career

As an instructor, he helps his students appreciate what they do for a living and encourages them to balance passion with work. He strongly advocates working to live rather than living to work; thus becoming a member of Sertoma Club and volunteering at Arbor Day Foundation; in addition he actively supports his community through coaching basketball, football and soccer.

Childers took a Civil Service exam to qualify for Storekeeper # 7 at the Police Department Property Room and achieved an unprecedented score on it, topping every other applicant. He also enjoyed an exemplary employment history at Dallas Water Utilities Department. Childers was interviewed with Defendant Lochenmeyer regarding this position – during this interview Lochenmeyer discovered that Childers had participated in activities advocating the lifting of restrictions on homosexual conduct as well as attending two Gay Pride parades.

Achievement and Honors

Childers was severely overweight when he joined the Air Force; nevertheless, he overcame his health issues to become an Airman 1st Class and graduate Basic Military Training in eight weeks with honors.

Childers has been an influential member of APEX Board and Technology Committee for an extended period, taking part in many critical industry developments and moving the IFE industry closer to digital content delivery ecosystem. He has also enabled access to IFE content for people with visual or hearing impairments.

He has served on numerous local and national organizations’ boards of directors, such as Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, Lake Land College Foundation and Illinois State Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, he founded Angels of East Africa which operates Children’s Village in Southern Sudan to care for orphans and widows left homeless by Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency.

Personal Life

Childers was previously a part-time resident of Magnet Cove. Aside from his work with NYFO, Childers is actively involved with his community via the Green Bay SCORE Mentor/Protege Program as well as working at Family YMCA as an assistant coach.

He currently sits on the Lake Land College Foundation board and the Business Advisory Committee for Eastern Illinois University. In 1986 he began work for CCI’s predecessor company where he held various accounting, finance and executive roles up until its acquisition by McLeodUSA in 1997.

Childers accomplished his weight loss while in the Air Force, which allowed him to pass Basic Military Training at his first attempt. Now a church leadership trainer himself, Childers founded and heads Pathway Learning which offers church leadership programs.

Net Worth

According to various online sources, his estimated net worth ranges between $1-5 Million. Much of it came from his professional career as a Singer-Songwriter.

He appears physically fit. At present, no information regarding his height and weight is available; as he prefers to keep his personal life private.

He is one of the major shareholders of Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc, owning approximately 97,169 units of stock in this company. Over time he has made various insider trading transactions; please see table below for details of these trades. He also owns substantial stakes in other companies. In Charlotte North Carolina he owns his home; other assets include cars and various properties.

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