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Interviewing Yakima Firefighter Steven Lockwood

Tradition dictates that whenever firefighters appear on television or the newspaper, they buy everyone back at the station ice cream as a gesture of gratitude and Steve Lockwood of Yakima Fire Department is no exception to this rule.

Steve makes his initial appearance in this episode at Tim’s Bait and Tackle shop for a trial run of his Monkey Thought Translator invention – which proves successful!

Early Life and Education

Steven Lockwood is an active firefighter at West Valley Fire Department and works the night shift, which allows him to remain very engaged with his community and family life. Furthermore, his kind nature and devotion to both profession and family make him an inspirational role model.

He is an expert in institutional engineering and policy formulation for emerging systems and technologies, with over four decades of experience in project management, research, and institutional capacity building.

Lockwood graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and went on to work for various newspapers such as Columbia Daily Tribune and Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger as both reporter and editor, teaching journalism courses there as well as being an adjunct faculty member at Missouri.

Professional Career

Dr Lockwood combines clinical practice with being an author and lecturer. In fact, he served as President of the Academy of General Dentistry as well as being a current member of the American Dental Association.

He brings an impressive level of experience in transportation consulting to airports, cities and counties. In particular, his “Institutional Engineering” body of work addresses intersections between institutional issues, organizational processes and new technology systems for transportation agencies.

He also plays harmonica and offers online Skype lessons. According to him, harmonicas are one of the most versatile instruments, capable of adapting to all sorts of music from roadhouse blues through reggae and hip hop genres.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Lockwood stands out among his peers as an exceptional individual thanks to his generous nature, dedication, and strong sense of responsibility for both work and family life. Additionally, he has served on multiple Yakima boards and committees over time as an enthusiastic community volunteer.

He has been an industry pioneer in using new technology to optimize transportation system performance. He is widely published and presented on this topic and has helped organize over 30 state DOT self-evaluation workshops. Furthermore, he co-founded and served as president of the National Operations Center of Excellence.

David Lockwood leaves behind his parents Michael and Cheri Lockwood, brothers David and Joshua, sister Brittany R. Lockwood and Christine Lee as his life partners, fifteen nieces and nephews (many who considered him their favorite uncle), as well as many aunts and cousins.

Personal Life

He is married with three children, two dogs and works as Gallery Coordinator for Northern Illinois University’s Gallery 215. Here he assists students to develop their work and grow as professional artists. In his church affiliations he serves as Elder in his local congregation.

Before joining StoneTurn, Lockwood served as Director of Investigations and Special Projects at one of the world’s largest mining companies, where he conducted an FCPA/UKBA internal investigation, supported external counsel with litigation regarding allegations of fraud relating to activities in Africa and Australia, and conducted a strategic review of their global compliance risk framework.

Lockwood loves playing guitar and singing with his band, The Rhythm Masters. Additionally, he is proud of being from Yakima Valley.

Net Worth

Jess Lockwood is an American professional rodeo cowboy and bull rider competing in the Built Ford Tough Series. Born and raised in Volborg, Montana; both his parents were former rodeo competitors; as a child Jess would ride sheep, calves and heifers before progressing onto cattle roping later in his life.

Crombie Lockwood Chairman David Lockwood is estimated to be worth an estimated $300 Million and lives in his luxurious Auckland waterfront home with swimming pool, tennis court and temperature-controlled wine cellar.

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