Sui Bian Guo Plum How To Use

How to Use Sui Bian Guo Plum

The best way to use Sui Bian Guo Plum is to drink one capsule a day with eight to sixteen ounces of water. It is rich in natural carotene as well as dietary fibers, which promote healthy skin, bones and teeth. This Chinese herb is sold in over 120 countries and is considered a health food. For best results, drink it after a meal.

Sui Bian Guo is a natural fermented green plum that is gentle on the system but has powerful functions. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine since the fifth century. It contains organic acids, dietary fiber, and beta-carotene. It tastes exactly like the original plum, so it is suitable for people with constipation, overeating, or other digestive problems.

This fruit also helps to eliminate stubborn stool and cleanses the blood. Its enzymes help in digestion and absorption. Its benefits make it suitable for both fat and thin people. It should be consumed after meals or half an hour before a meal. It is also great for weight loss.

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