Tammy Pescatelli Net Worth

Tammy Pescatelli net worth is an iconic American comedian who has achieved widespread acclaim through her sharp wit and relatable humor. Her career took off following an appearance on NBC’s Last Comic Standing where she became one of the Final Five.

She made an impactful impactful on the club circuit and built up an enthusiastic following. Additionally, she provided entertainment to our troops worldwide with USO comedy tours.

Early Life and Education

Pescatelli was born and raised outside Cleveland, Ohio. During her summers she would spend time visiting Meadville Pennsylvania – her mother’s hometown – with family. Between 1990 and 1995 in the Quad Cities region of southeastern Iowa and northwest Illinois she worked as a morning radio show co-host, TV spokesperson, and basketball cheerleader.

Finding the Funny was released on Netflix in 2013. She has performed at top comedy clubs throughout North America and entertained troops overseas as a USO Parody comedian.

She married Luca Palanca in 2008 and they have one child. While touring as a stand-up comedian while her extended family in Meadville provides assistance caring for their child, much of her comedy comes from interactions between them all which form the core of her show. Unfortunately in 2011, she was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian malignant growth which required surgery before receiving good news that she is no longer cancer free.

Professional Career

Tammy Pescatelli of Cleveland was raised with five brothers, which has given her both security and an acute sense of humor. These skills proved crucial as one of the top finalists on NBC reality show Last Comic Standing.

Since then, she has performed at comedy clubs all across North America and entertained troops in Iraq. In 2013, her Netflix comedy special Finding the Funny was released to great acclaim, reaching number three on iTunes charts.

As part of her creative output, she also co-created and executive produced A Standup Mother (2011) on WE tv which followed her life as wife, mother and comedian. Additionally she is highly active on social media with an expansive following.

Achievement and Honors

Tammy Pescatelli first gained notoriety as a finalist on both seasons of NBC’s reality competition show Last Comic Standing. Her success on these seasons propelled her to stardom and earned her an immense fan base; since then she has appeared on programs such as Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno, The View and Howard Stern Show among many others.

Finding the Funny was released to Netflix and reached number three on iTunes, while she also co-created, executive produced, wrote for and starred in WE tv reality show A Standup Mother.

With her signature brassy delivery and sharp sense of wit, she tackles topics ranging from sports, TV shows, dating and family life with humor that resonates with both male and female audiences alike. Audiences love her unique brand of humor!

Personal Life

Tammy Pescatelli is an American stand-up comedian known for her ability to connect with audiences. A regular on USO comedy tours, and many television programs including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (4x), Carson Daly’s Late Show (2x), Bravo TV’s Rocco’s Dinner Party, Last Comic Standing on NBC and her own special on Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Showdown she has gained global fame as an entertainer.

She has traveled internationally as part of the USO Comedy Tours to entertain our armed forces. Additionally, she and Luca Palanca currently share one child together.

She co-created, executive produced, wrote and starred in a reality series for WE tv called A Standup Mother that chronicled her life as wife, mother and comedian.

Net Worth

Tammy Pescatelli is a well-paid comedian with a loyal fan base due to her relatable comedy. She first made waves through Netflix original special Finding the Funny that debuted as number three on iTunes charts in 2013.

She has also written and starred in her semi-autobiographical sitcom A Stand Up Mother. Additionally, her husband Luca Palanca is also a comedian; together they often visit Mitzi Shore’s comedy shop together.

She stands at 5 ft 9 in and weighs 55 kg or 121 pounds, wearing a 33 C bra cup size. She spends her summers visiting Meadville, Pennsylvania – her mother’s hometown. From 1990 until 1995 she worked as a morning radio show co-host, performer, and TV spokeswoman; additionally she regularly appears at USO comedy tours.

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