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The garland for Christmas – this is how it can be tinkered and hung

The modern decoration ideas for Christmas rely less on combinations and much more on the broad use of one and the same beautiful element. The garland for Christmas can be such a representative, noble and at the same time minimalist decoration.

But what material can it be made of and how can it be beautifully displayed? Find some vivid answers to these questions in the following examples.

What criteria should we use to choose garlands?

green garland

Simply apply the green garland and achieve a good look

The most important aesthetic criteria are style and color palette. The garland must complement your home in both of these ways. Ask yourself which effect you want to achieve exactly – should the garland complement the existing color palette by introducing the nuance of an already existing color? How to achieve a monochrome look in several layers. Or do you prefer that you create a strong contrast?


Decorate the stairwell and create a really festive atmosphere at home!

Natural and artificial materials


Fresh green garland on the mantelpiece and green potted plants in front of the fireplace

The garland for Christmas can be made of artificial or natural materials. What do you feel like doing more this year? The natural materials can also touch your senses, for example through their smell. But for some people this is uncomfortable. In addition, leaves fall off and that creates more dirt in the room.

In addition, there is a risk of allergies in some cases, and of some plants – from poisoning. They can be eaten by your child or a pet.

The artificial materials are easy to care for, but they do not have the authentic beauty of the natural ones. But we have to emphasize that some imitations can be mistaken for authentic. You can also introduce the rumors through essential oils or scented candles.

The artificial materials have the advantage that they can be used over and over again every year.

Combinations of man-made and natural materials tend to work poorly on garlands, except in certain cases. These are those in which cones or other ornaments are pepped up with spray or paint.

Fresh green against the white background

green garland mantelpiece

Fresh green on the mantelpiece

Do you have an apartment immersed in white? You should then try green garlands. It is best to use natural materials, i.e. leaves and twigs. It makes a big difference whether these are the same type or combine different textures. In the first case you get a clean look and in the second you have an interesting result of several layers and smooth transitions between the different nuances.

Pine cones

The gigantic pine cones on green leaves leave an extremely strong visual impression. Simplicity can be so spectacular!

Use architecture as an ornament

The garland can only be green and devoid of ornamentation when combined with interesting interior design. This can be on the mantelpiece or on the banister.

Garland from Christmas scenes

Print out interesting Christmas scenes and attach them to round cardboard cut-outs. Tie them all together in a garland. Make sure that all images are held together by a common element – such as a color or a motif.

Green and Christmas balls

christmas decoration christmas tree

The green garland on the mantelpiece corresponds perfectly with the beautifully decorated Christmas tree

Green with Christmas balls in red, silver or gold – that will certainly bring the mood of the silent and holy night home. Such a garland should definitely be surrounded by fire – for example in the fireplace or in the form of candles.

Paper garlands in geometric shapes

paper garland

Paper garland on the staircase – decorate every corner, every nook and cranny and celebrate Christmas comfortably!

The paper garlands, on which many geometric shapes are used repeatedly, are a good option. So that they don’t look too childish and sparse, they should again be used in combination with green leaves or twigs.

What role do you assign to the garlands in your Christmas decorations this year? Do you want to add the finishing touches to the Christmas decoration? Do you prefer the natural or the artificial materials?

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Staircase decorated for Christmas

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