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With a cross bike you can cycle through the city and off-road

In our stressful everyday life, more and more people attach particular importance to active movement and sport. Since intense exercise is not for everyone, one often wonders which sport is healthy and can be practiced every day. We have the answer! There is no doubt that cycling meets all the criteria for a healthy sport, because it involves moving around a lot and burning calories. In addition, you can cycle every day, for example to work or to university and in your free time off-road. If you are now wondering which bike would be the right one for your sporting activities, then we can only recommend the cross bike – a real all-rounder among sporty bikes! In the following we will inform you about these popular cross bikes and show you their advantages. We’ll also give you some smart tips for buying a cross bike. Stick with it and get further inspiration for active cycling!

The cross bike is a real all-rounder among modern two-wheelers.

Crossrad Crossbike Hybrid Rad echtes Talent unter den modernen Zweirädern

What advantages do cross bikes have to offer?

Most Germans appreciate the advantages of long bike tours. According to the statistics, we have an average of two bicycles in every household. These are definitely the cheapest means of transport because you save on petrol and still get around comfortably. In addition, cycling is good for the environment and the climate. What advantages do cross bikes have to offer, we summarize in the following:

Versatile and flexible in use

Cross bikes or cross bikes are also rightly called hybrid bikes. They are particularly popular with sporty cyclists because they combine sportiness with versatile use. The cross bikes combine efficient MTB technology with touring geometry. They have the good properties and capabilities of a trekking bike, but also have off-road qualities. These bikes are designed so that they can be ridden on very different terrains. This enables long tours in the field as well as excursions to nearby landscapes and everyday cycling through the city.

Everyone can find the right cross bike model for themselves.

Crossrad Crossbike Hybrid Rad junger Mann in der Stadt ein passendes Modell

Elegant design and high performance in one

A cross bike is not as robust as a classic mountain bike. However, it is characterized by good speed and smoothness, similar to a racing bike. The cross bike also impresses with its simple, almost minimalist design. Its frame is made of aluminum and is particularly durable. This makes the high-quality cross bike light and it appears particularly elegant. The slim design cannot affect the good performance of a cross bike under any circumstances. But on the contrary!

Not all bikes are the same.

Crossrad Crossbike Hybrid Rad zwei Crossräder elegantes Design

Comfort and fun while cycling

A cross bike allows you to feel comfortable while cycling. Your seating position is athletic, but your body is not strained. This is mainly due to the frame, which is the same as that of fitness bikes or racing bikes. The straight handlebars and an existing suspension fork bring the upper body into a relatively upright sitting position, so that you feel particularly comfortable while cycling. In addition, some cross bike models are factory-fitted with complete StVZo equipment, which guarantees you real driving pleasure in all weathers. So you can do your daily tour in rain, strong wind or bright sun. This feature turns the cross bike into an all-weather bike!

In sun, rain, wind and snow – the ideal all-weather bike!

Crossrad Crossbike Hybrid Rad das ideale Allwetter Fahrrad hier im Schnee

What else should you consider when buying cross bikes?

As we have already mentioned above, the cross bike is a hybrid bike that combines certain features of the mountain bikes and trekking bikes. It impresses with its elegant geometry in design and its light weight. Further useful information that can be important when choosing the right cross bike:

  • the Bicycle frame the cross bike should be robust, but light and made from high-quality materials. For this reason, strong alloys made of aluminum and special tube sets are used in the production of frames for this two-wheeler. This is how you get light and durable frames.

Every ride on your cross bike is healthy and good for your body.

Crossrad Crossbike Hybrid Rad zwei ältere Leute mit Crossrädern radeln gesund gut für den Körper

  • Depending on the purpose, you can use different tires Mount it on the cross bike. For cycling in the city, narrower bicycle tires between 1.4 and 1.75 inches are recommended because they have low rolling resistance. If you want more comfort while cycling, you can opt for a balloon tire. This is because it has very good damping properties. But if you often cycle off-road on unpaved roads, then you can choose light all-round tires. This gives you good puncture protection, grip and the best rolling properties in one. Sufficient comfort both on roads and on uneven surfaces are provided by the 28-inch rims that complete the roughly profiled tires.

You can have a lot of riding fun with the cross bikes on the streets in the area.

Crossrad Crossbike Hybrid Rad viel Fahrspaß auf den Straßen in der Umgebung

  • the Brakes the cross bikes are taken over from the MTB area, as it is assumed that these two-wheelers are often ridden off-road. Instead of the classic rim brakes, disc brakes are now being installed here, which work better in bad weather and with a high payload. High-quality cross bikes even have hydraulic disc brakes.

If you need additional information about the cross bikes, you can click on the attached link and inquire about it in detail online. There you will definitely find a lot of interesting information about the gearshift, cockpit, suspension fork and Co. of the popular two-wheelers.

Cross bikes are perfect for off-road bike tours.

Crossrad Hybrid Fahrrad gut für Radtouren im Gelände

Conclusion: Cross bikes are popular hybrid bikes that combine certain properties of mountain bikes and trekking bikes. They are the perfect choice for passionate cyclists who not only cycle in the city, but also like to cycle on gravel and forest floors. The cross bikes are precisely designed to move perfectly on different surfaces and in moderate terrain. This makes them suitable for everyday use and flexible in use.

With a cross bike, sportiness and versatility are skillfully combined.

Crossrad Hybrid Fahrrad Sportlichkeit vielseitige Nutzbarkeit miteinander verbinden

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