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The right floor lamp for a modern home

A floor lamp provides cozy islands of light and can set attractive light accents in the room. Ceiling lighting and floor lamps are a well-coordinated team for perfect lighting. However, the selection is large and difficult to oversee. We’ll show you which floor lamp is right for modern home furnishings.

Floor lamps – from design classics to trendy 3-leg lamps

The trade offers you a floor lamp for your modern home furnishings in many different designs. Suitable for every budget and for every taste. What they all have in common is a clear design language. The most common materials used are metal, glass, plastic, and wood. Nothing has changed in the three basic types to this day. Floor lamps are divided into

  • classic floor lamps
  • Uplight
  • Arc lamps

Floor lamps come in many different designs.

Stehlampe schickes Design in verschiedenen Ausführungen 3 Bein Leuchte

Each floor lamp is characterized by a clear design language.

Stehlampe 3 Bein Leuchte klassisches Design nach oben gerichtet im Wohnzimmer

Classic floor lamps – anything but old-fashioned

Classic floor lamps, that sounds a bit old-fashioned and like a good living room. Modern classic floor lamps are quite simply straight floor lamps that have a lampshade at their upper end. They are perfect for setting a light accent in a corner of a room. The currently popular 3-leg or tripod lamps also belong to these floor lamps. Tripod lamps have a tripod like a camera. Therefore the name. The tripods are crowned by a spot or a lampshade.

With such a floor lamp, a light accent is set on certain objects in the room.

Stehlampe klassisches Lampendesign Lichtakzent auf bestimmte Objekte im Raum setzen

Ceiling washlights – not brand new anymore, but still up to date

Ceiling washlights are as simple and straight as a classic floor lamp. And that for over 30 years. They are still popular. Quite simply because they are practical, match home furnishings with modern chests of drawers and can create a pleasant lighting atmosphere. Light ceilings reflect the light, which then gently illuminates part of the room indirectly.

This floor lamp fits wonderfully in the living room.

Stehlampe Deckenfluter perfekt für Wohnzimmer elegantes Design

Arc lamps – design classics from the 1960s

Arc lamps are timeless. The lamps, designed by the Castiglioni brothers in Italy in 1962, have been used since the mid-1970s for atmospheric lighting in a delimited area. Thanks to the wide curved stand, you can push an arc lamp close to an armchair. Equipped with an energy-saving LED, they provide perfect light for relaxed reading.

You can easily place a floor lamp anywhere you need additional lighting. Whether classic floor lamp, arc lamp or uplight. Which of these three lamp types you choose is entirely up to your personal taste.

Have you already chosen a floor lamp for your home?

Stehlampe große Auswahl an Stehlampen mit LED modernes Design mit Retro Touches

Floor lamps score with their classic design and are unlikely to go out of style.

Stehlampe auf drei Beinen klassisches Design geht nie aus der Mode

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