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Table decorations for the wedding offer a lot of design freedom

There is no doubt that the wedding is one of the greatest and most important events in personal life. Many couples in love are impatient to say yes to each other. But before the big day comes, there is still a lot of prep work to be done. For example, the bride and groom have to come up with an entire design concept for the wedding celebration. The style you choose and the right motto of the celebration play a decisive role. There are many details, both smaller and larger, that need to be thought through, organized and put in place with regard to these two aspects. So that the wedding celebration is just as shiny and unique as the bride and groom themselves, you need a suitable table decoration for the wedding. We want to show you what this could look like in a moment. We also give you clever and, above all, practical tips for your wedding table decorations. Stay tuned!

Stylish table decorations for the most important day in life!
Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit mit Blumen

  • Classic table decorations for weddings – style and romance rolled into one

Express your style by choosing a classic wedding table setting. In most cases this is designed entirely in white and allows some accents in gold or silver. Crystal glasses also shine on the wedding table, because champagne and wine are drunk here and there is a long party. The masterfully arranged bouquet of flowers could be a real eye-catcher on the wedding table. It expresses your romantic feelings and ensures the good mood of all guests.

Perfect table decoration for the wedding that spreads a good mood.

Schön dekorierte Tische Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit

The flower arrangements make up a large part of the classic table decoration. You can choose beautiful and delicately scented flowers for the table decoration at the wedding party depending on the season. Red roses are absolute classics because they symbolize love in the best possible way. But also in other colors such as white and pink, these flowers are just as adorable and look stylish on the wedding table decoration. If you are getting married in autumn, then wonderful chrysanthemums are a must in the table decoration for the wedding. With their warm, saturated colors and interestingly shaped flowers, they transform into colored accents and serve as great eye-catchers. You can also combine very different flowers with enough green for the flower arrangements and make great arrangements that round off the table decorations for the wedding.

Colorful flower arrangements on the wedding tables exude joie de vivre.

Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit Blumenarrangements

A rustic table setting for the wedding can be so adorable!

Tisch serviert für ein Hochzeitsessen im Wohnzimmer

  • Table decoration for the wedding in a certain style

The table decoration for the wedding offers you a lot of design freedom that you have to make clever use of. You can do this in a certain style, for example rustic, retro or boho style. With it you show all guests your preferences and taste and reveal a lot of your character. The lovingly thought-out arrangements and details in every style look breathtaking, especially on the wedding table. Therefore, take the opportunity to decorate as you wish and to celebrate in the same way!

The Trendomat editorial team wishes you that!

Rustic table decoration for the wedding that exudes a lot of personal charm.

Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit im rustikalen Stil

Now scroll through our picture gallery and draw new inspiration for your table decorations for the wedding from the beautiful arrangements!

Rustic table decorations for the wedding are trendy!

Rustikale Tischdeko zur Hochzeit strahlt persönlichen Charme aus

Pay attention to the smallest details of the table decorations for the wedding.

Hochzeitsdekor Blumen in Schwarz und Gold dekoriert Kerzen

For an outdoor wedding you also need a suitable table decoration.

Die Stühle und der Tisch für die Gäste mit Kerzen dekoriert mit Besteck und Geschirr serviert und mit Tischdecke

When it comes to table decorations for the wedding, the rule is: not too much, not too little!

Festlich gedeckter Tisch Dekoration für die Hochzeit

Blue predominates here and goes perfectly with the whole table decoration for the wedding.

Lange Tische mit grauen und blauen Tischdecken mit Porzellan und blauen Gläsern serviert und reich verziert

Blumen Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit

Stühle und runder Tisch für die Gäste serviert Besteck Blumen und Geschirr eine weiße Tischdecke

Dekorationen aus Holz und Wildblumen serviert auf dem festlich bedeckten Tisch

Hochzeitstisch mit Tellern Messern und Gabeln Kerzen Moos Grün und Brot dekoriert

Schöne Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit mit Geschirr und Blumen

Ausgefallene Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit

Festlich dekorierter Tisch für die Hochzeit

Schöne Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit

Luxuriöse Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit im Garten

Schöne Tischdekoration für die Hochzeit mit großen Blumen und Kerzen

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