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Tired of the granite in the kitchen? Then try soapstone!

Dark, dramatic and refreshing, in short, different! Soapstone is conquering the kitchen and this tendency continues to rise. And for a good reason. It is durable, resistant to high temperatures and stains, does not get scratched, but has one disadvantage: the soapstone gradually develops rusty rust like marble. But its pluses are even more: the soapstone looks beautiful in both kitchens and bathrooms, either as a remarkable kitchen splashback or as an eye-catching washbasin. If you are already feeling tempted or tempted, then you are ready to join us on the path towards soapstone application! We have a great picture gallery ready for you that undoubtedly confirms that soapstone can steal the show in a room in a casual way.

Ländliche helle Küche Mehr

Soapstone can be used appropriately in any kitchen

Soapstone is an attractive choice for warming up modern and industrial spaces. In this kitchen, the interior designers used soapstone countertops and lots of rustic wood to open up the way to stainless steel appliances.

skandinavische Küche Speckstein

The dark soapstone plate sets a great contrast to the light wood in this Scandinavian designed kitchen

In this Scandinavian style kitchen, the soapstone plate contrasts with the kitchen cabinets and shelves made of light wood. The non-porous material of the soapstone tiles is also resistant to numerous bacteria, fungi and molds, which means that it is perfectly suitable for this much-used family room.

modern eingerichtete Küche Speckstein

The emerald green soapstone on the kitchen worktop steals the show here!

Kitchen worktops in emerald green are exactly in the right place in this sun-drenched kitchen. As a natural material, soapstone comes in a limited range of colors, but homeowners can find it in gorgeous shades of gray, black, dark green, and gray-blue.

Speckstein Platten Küche perfekte Optik

Soapstone gets darker over time, so it needs to be properly cared for

Soapstone will get darker over time. Ask your dealer or online for the care tips that include treating the natural material with oil or wax to maintain its color, grain and resilience.

Küchenrückwand dunkelgrauer Speckstein

Eye catching! Kitchen back wall made of dark gray soapstone and with white grain

Soapstone is just perfect as a material for a kitchen rear wall, as most of the panels have an attention-grabbing grain. Our photo example shows a great color combination on the kitchen back wall made of soapstone on a dark gray background, the white grain comes into its own. We call that eyecatching!

Kücheninsel aus Speckstein

Soapstone kitchen island practical and appealing at the same time!

This super luxurious kitchen sink made of soapstone stands out here in the versions made of stainless steel and enamel. Since the sink is made of a natural mineral stone, you can wash your dishes there with warm water.

Speckstein weiße Metro Fliesen

Medium gray soapstone slab pairs well with the white Metro tiles

A medium gray soapstone plate was chosen for this kitchen, which goes well with the fine white Metro tiles. This is an attempt to successfully combine light and light furnishing elements with solid and dark ones in one room.

Speckstein Luxus im modernen Badezimmer

Soapstone adds luxury to the modern bathroom

Soapstone is also widely used in bathrooms. These are actually ideal spaces to really bring out the natural beauty of this material. Convince yourself of this and see in the picture how the look and feel of this luxurious bathroom are in full harmony.

weiße Küchenschränke klassisch dunkelfarbener Speckstein

Change the entire kitchen look by using a soapstone plate there

If you have traditional white kitchen cabinets and this look already seems boring to you, it’s easy to spice it up. In the picture it is shown a kitchen plate made of dark-colored soapstone makes the classic kitchen look much more beautiful and interesting. A light gloss finish refines the overall look in the room.

Küchen mit Speckstein Arbeitsplatte

Soapstone panels in modern kitchens The look and feel are the same

This contemporary kitchen – with the neatly lined, square sink, with the tastefully styled faucet – shows the current use of natural materials. Soapstone is currently very popular because of its diverse structure and pleasant colors.

ländlich eingerichtete Küche Speckstein

Soapstone fits just as well in a country kitchen as it does in a modern kitchen

This aesthetic image proves it: Soapstone worktops look just as good in a country kitchen as in a modern one. Skilfully paired with the copper pots loved by many house owners, with the charming wall design and the barn-like lighting, the soapstone countertops look perfect.

moderne Küche kastanienbraunes Holz Speckstein

Everyone would love to prepare meals in a kitchen like this, wouldn’t they?

This modern kitchen shows a purposeful mix of materials that go well together. The black soapstone goes very well with the black window frames, while a light stone worktop on the kitchen island makes the spacious kitchen light and airy.

Speckstein Platte Graphit

Pure grandeur in the kitchen here everything is designed with attention to detail

This light-filled kitchen is really remarkable with the thick graphite soapstone top, which appears to be perfectly color-coordinated with the black window frames. Elegant hanging lights and metal chairs with fur throws round off the chic look.

Waschbecken Speckstein modernes Bad

A graphite-colored soapstone washbasin spices up the bathroom

And we’re closing today with this elegant washbasin made of graphite-colored soapstone. The natural material is staged here and its wide range of uses in the bathroom are beyond doubt.

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