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Design a terrace in the Asian style – bring a Far Eastern flair to your outdoor area

In a series of articles we cover various aspects of patio design. From the country house-style terrace to the modern veranda to the exotic outdoor area, you can find everything with us, including many clever tips and practical tricks for creating an outdoor ambience according to your personal taste and preferred style. Just set your priorities, let your creativity play, and get to work. Because every terrace could be transformed into the perfect oasis of calm, provided that a precise and well thought-out design concept was drawn up for it. Collect lots of new ideas and the result will not be long in coming. Based on this idea, we want to continue the series of articles already mentioned today and look at the terrace design in a new light. Stick with it and you won’t regret it!

kleine Terrasse im asiatischen Stil

Sit outside in the fresh air and still be at home

Do you want to design a special outdoor space where you can immediately feel the exoticism of the Far East? Would you like an ambience for meditation or a cozy get-together with your closest friends, where an Asian flair prevails? Then you are only one step away from that dream because you can easily make it come true by using one Asian style terrace design at home. You may doubt and think the idea is not a good one? But you’re wrong! Because you can achieve a terrace design with an Asian look without much effort and expense. Simple design, clear shapes, straight lines, high-quality wood, candles and Buddha figures characterize this style and create the peculiar Asian atmosphere, where you can enjoy complete peace and serenity. Do you need total relaxation from stressful everyday life or do you want to regain your inner well-being, then an Asian-style terrace is exactly the right place for you! Balance and harmony emanate from their design and envelop you immediately. In such an ambience you can only feel comfortable and relaxed, right?

Terrasse im asiatischen Stil

Here there is perfect harmony between people and their surroundings

The terrace design in the Asian style has its own rules that we have to observe. There must be nothing superfluous here that blocks or prevents the path of positive energy. The classic principles of Feng Shui garden design apply here in full force. So that you can regain your inner harmony and enjoy it fully, the 5 elements according to the Fung Shui teaching must be in harmony with one another. That is why you can see a lot of wood on an Asian-style terrace, which gives us its warmth. A floor covering made of real wood or a wooden roof are something that goes without saying in this terrace design. Metal is also well represented – Buddha figures made of metal or Far Eastern lights round off the Asian ambience. A water element is a must there too, if one can afford one. The colors are saturated, with the green and dark brown dominating. Evergreen plants, including bamboo, of course, are a must-have on the Asian terrace. Colorful blooming potted flowers are not preferred in this style, instead we measured many green plants, which often make up the background or frame of the Asian terrace. Striking eastern lanterns and subtle light emphasize the closed appearance and reinforce its positive energy. Isn’t that the perfect place for meditation and solitude?

Asiatische Terrasse Ideen für die Terrassengestaltung

A place of regeneration

offene Dachterrasse asiatischer Stil

Enjoy harmony and serenity on the open terrace in Asian style

Terrasse im asiatischen Stil Bambus

Bamboo is used a lot in the design of terraces in the Asian style

Outdoor Möbel Holzboden

Wooden floors, wooden roofs and comfortable seating to relax in – isn’t that your hot outdoor space? Mine for sure!

kleiner Balkon im asiatischen Stil

The small balcony can also be designed in an Asian style

Ziegelwand Holzboden

On this Asian-style terrace you can relieve any stress and relax completely

kleine Terrasse asiatischer Stil viele Grünpflanzen Steine Holz

The Asian-style terrace always looks cozy and inviting regardless of its size

asiatischen stil ideen für terrasse

Nature and people come into harmony here

Terrasse und Garten im Asiatischen Stil

The Asian terrace design is characterized by wood and the measured use of green plants

Asiatische Terrassen einrichten

You can stay alone for a long time in a typically Asian atmosphere

Terrasse im asiatischen Stil Wasserelemente Harmonie ausstrahlen

Water is one of the 5 elements according to the Fung Shui teaching and is an absolute must when designing terraces in the Asian style

ideen für terrassengestaltung asiatischer stil

Perfection and style rolled into one

Asiatische Laternen Ideen Terrassengestaltung in Asia Look

Asian lanterns and lanterns always give the terrace design in an Asian look the finishing touch

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