Tom Scholz Net Worth

Tom Scholz has earned fame as both the founder of Boston and an inventor of music equipment. He holds numerous patents for his inventions such as Rockman guitar amplifier, which have contributed greatly to his fortune.

This musician and engineer has also earned himself acclaim as an innovator in philanthropy. He established the DTS Charitable Foundation, which supports animal protection efforts, combatting world hunger efforts and creating homeless shelters.

Early Life and Education

Donald Thomas Scholz grew up in Ottawa Hills, Ohio as one of six children and studied classical piano as a child before developing an interest in tinkering and building projects as an adult. After attending Ottawa Hills High School as both top student and varsity basketball player, he went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study mechanical engineering, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees before working at Polaroid Corporation as product design engineer.

As a perfectionist, Scholz refused to release an album until it was perfect. Additionally, he established Scholz Research and Development – a company which manufactured musical technology devices – as well as being vegetarian and supporting many ethical causes through his charitable foundation, established in 1987.

Professional Career

Donald Thomas “Tom” Scholz is an American musician, inventor and businessman best known as the primary songwriter and founding member of rock band Boston.

Tom was immersed in music and tinkering from an early age, two passions which would eventually pave his path to becoming an artist. A standout student and varsity basketball player at Ottawa Hills High School, he graduated and went on to earn both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT while simultaneously working at Polaroid as a Senior Product Design Engineer.

Scholz holds several musical technology invention patents and owns Scholz Research and Development which manufactures products such as the Rockman guitar amplifier – thus increasing his net worth exponentially. He is an active philanthropist supporting animal rights and vegetarianism as well.

Achievement and Honors

Scholz has consistently innovated and expanded upon music production throughout his career, using cutting-edge technologies such as digital recording technology and synthesizers to craft an unmistakably timeless sound – this has led to his band Boston selling millions of copies worldwide and selling numerous albums over time.

Scholz’s band has traveled extensively over time, drawing large crowds of devoted followers who provide an additional source of revenue and contribute to his net worth.

Tom Scholz has left an indelible mark on the music industry through Boston and their timeless rock classics, while also excelling as an inventor and engineer – not to mention actively giving back through DTS Charitable Foundation.

Personal Life

Donald Thomas Scholz (Tom), is an American musician, inventor, and engineer best known as being one of the founding members of Boston and creator of their Rockman portable guitar amplifier. Additionally he has experienced much success as an recording artist, songwriter, producer and engineer.

Tom studied classical piano as a child, as well as enjoying tinkering with everything from go-karts to model airplanes. Later he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering before working for Polaroid Corporation as senior product design engineer before turning full time to music.

He is widely recognized for being a vegetarian and supporting many ethical organizations through the charitable foundation he established in 1987. He often spends months or even years in the studio honing his recordings before they hit stores.

Net Worth

Tom Scholz amassed his net worth through a successful musical career with Boston and his ventures in invention and engineering, as well as through philanthropy work he was actively engaged in helping many individuals in need.

In 1976, Scholz released the self-titled debut album for his band Boston that reached number one on sales charts. Following this success, he established Scholz Research and Development Inc to manufacture musical technology inventions like Rockman. These inventions became immensely popular.

He has been married twice and is the proud parent of son named Jeremy. Jeremy currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. As part of his philanthropy efforts – supporting children’s rights and educational institutions through various organizations – DTS Charitable Foundation was created.

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