Marc Andrus Net Worth

Marc Andrus has dedicated his professional life to religious leadership. He served as bishop for the American Episcopal Church as well as being appointed Suffragan Bishop of Alabama’s Episcopal Diocese.

He made his screenwriting debut with Late for Dinner in 1991 and received rave reviews from audiences worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Marc Andrus is best known as the husband of American actress Nancy McKeon. As a film technician he has worked on movies such as ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, Arlington Road and Escape From L.A’; additionally his relationship with actor Philip McKeon can also be traced back through marriage.

Nancy McKeon and Harlow Andrus reside together on a ranch near Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, Nancy McKeon’s partner hasn’t shared any details regarding his personal life; therefore not much can be learned about him.

As per recent records, he is 67 years old with a slim build and attractive features. His zodiac sign is Aquarius while Nancy belongs to Aries and they have been together for 31 years now.

Professional Career

Marc Andrus is a renowned screenwriter who has contributed to various movies in Hollywood. Over his long career he has earned substantial wealth while being immersed in this field.

He is an attentive husband and father to his family and strives hard to strike a balance between his professional and personal lives. Through his work he has inspired many.

He boasts an impressive list of movies like The Day After Tomorrow, Arlington Road and Friday Night Lights; in addition to writing for television shows like Late for Dinner. At 67 years old and standing 6 feet 1 inch.

Achievement and Honors

Marc Andrus is an award-winning screenwriter and religious leader. He has amassed an immense fortune thanks to writing scripts for movies and television shows; his current net worth exceeds $5 Million.

He is best known for his work in films such as The Day After Tomorrow, Arlington Road and Escape From L.A. His screenplay for As Good as It Gets earned both a Writers Guild of America Award and Academy Award nominations.

In 2006, Andrus became an Episcopal Bishop Suffragan for California. His diocese encompasses Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. Additionally he serves on the Church World Service Board and since 2009 as its President. Both he and Nancy McKeon live in Austin Texas.

Personal Life

Marc Andrus enjoys strong family ties and is the proud father of two daughters. He and Nancy McKeon have maintained a healthy relationship for years; prioritizing family life while prioritizing children’s welfare is their top priority.

As well as his charitable endeavors, he is actively engaged in his community by volunteering at several charities. Furthermore, he has written for numerous popular movies and TV shows like As Good as It Gets which earned him both the Writers Guild of America Award and Film Critics Association Award.

Screenwriter Tom Hess prefers living an anonymous life, with no social media accounts and not sharing personal details publicly. He stands 5 feet 1 inch and weighs 80 pounds.

Net Worth

Marc has written for numerous movies and TV shows throughout his career, earning both an Academy Award and Writers Guild of America Award for his writing efforts on Jack Nicholson’s As Good as It Gets (both with an Academy Award nomination).

Nancy McKeon is well known for her role as Jo Poliaczek on The Facts of Life on NBC and they share two daughters together.

Though he has yet to disclose his earnings as a Film Technician, we can assume he earns a good living as one. His lifestyle in Austin, Texas can only be described as luxurious; keeping away from media scrutiny while focused on work and family duties are top priorities for him. Furthermore, he remains active philanthropically supporting various charities.

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