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Travel-friendly decoration ideas for your home

When it comes to vacation, there is hardly anything more beautiful than traveling. Traveling relaxes, enriches one’s own world and lets people experience beautiful sensory impressions. Traveling around the world is an attractive solution, even if someone would like to change something in their life or simply needs a creative boost for their new venture.

Travel is now more accessible than ever, whether you want to visit the oldest cities and towns in Europe or take a trip around the world to the most distant travel destinations on earth. Of course, people tend to keep the most beautiful experiences firmly in their hearts. However, he does need a little support. The first thing here is photography. But also numerous souvenirs or other souvenirs and mementos keep the experiences alive. This could be some sand and nice seashells, the nice vintage travel suitcase or an old map of the world. In the following we would like to show you a few original ideas on how you can decorate your home so that you can travel and, above all, how you can bring the magic of your favorite place into your home.

Buntes Ballon Pin Haus aus Holz Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

This colorful balloon pin house offers an interesting and practical way to capture fond memories on a vintage world map.

Gelbes Vintage Flugzeugmodell Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

This yellow-painted vintage wrought iron airplane model could be a very special memento from bygone times for collectors.

Antiker Messingkompass Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

This combination of an antique brass compass with the matching leather case and the beautiful nostalgic world map transports the viewer back to the bygone times of seafaring and adventures.

Netter Vintage Reisekoffer Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

It would be very impressive to surprise a loved one with this cute vintage travel case that suddenly turns out to be a turntable!

Weltkarte zum Freirubbeln Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

This scratch-off world map is an excellent gift idea for globetrotters who would like to mark the countries they have visited or are planning new travel destinations!

Schöner Vintage Kork Globus Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

This beautiful vintage cork globe offers a practical opportunity to use pins to mark the places you have traveled around the world.

Weltkarte antiker Look Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

This antique-looking world map, divided into three murals, seems to have come out of the hand of a famous ship captain who has traveled all over the world.

Dekorativer Heißluftballon Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

If you add a sailor’s hat, binoculars and a compass to this decorative hot air balloon, the decoration for your children’s room will be nicely rounded off.

Käse Wurst Brett Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

With this cheese and sausage board, which turns like a ship’s wheel, you get the joy of traveling and the longing for the big wide world served right on the breakfast table.

Glasuntersetzer Dekoideen für Ihr Zuhause

Determine your desired destination by the sea, in a prominent area or in a wide mountain range right in front of your eyes, mark it on your personal glass coaster so you will do something for your well-being during the day.

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