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Trendy ideas for the outdoor kitchen in the garden

Grilling in the garden is fun!

What is your favorite summer pastime? Do you enjoy swimming, tennis or jogging, or do you have another hobby? But we can say right away what millions of Germans like to do when the weather is good – they grill outside in the garden! Yes, grilling outdoors is very popular not only here, but around the world. Because when the weather is sunny, you don’t like to stay indoors, you tend to prepare delicious meals in the open air with friends and family and spend as much time as possible there. If you also belong to this “grill master” category, you already know: you absolutely need one for this good cause Outdoor kitchen in the garden! And if we hit the bull’s eye with this keyword, then you’ve come to the right place, because today we want to talk about the numerous design options for a garden kitchen and show you many trendy ideas for furnishing it.

Küche im Garten Outdoor Küchen Ideen

Grilling, eating, cooking outside on the covered porch is really fun!

First we want to start with the fact that an outdoor kitchen can be designed outside in the garden, where you can grill and cook directly in nature. This could also be set up under the roof of the veranda. If you have one at all. In this way, you could sit outside even when it rains and thunderstorms and comfortably prepare great specialties for your loved ones. Some people like it very romantic and first build an outdoor fireplace and then design their garden kitchen around this. All the variants of an outdoor kitchen mentioned here are successful, but under one condition. You have to look around your garden and consider the peculiarities of the terrain and the entire outdoor area. Only then can you make the right decision about the best place to design your garden kitchen.

Outdoor Küche Naturmaterialien

No barbecue wishes remain unfulfilled here!

trendige Ideen Outdoor Küche

Experience many unforgettable moments while cooking and eating outside!

Holt natural stone a lot of green

It is advisable to first lay the floor with stone or wood. This guarantees you a solid base for the garden kitchen. Regarding the materials used, we have to mention teak wood, marble and granite. Consider its weather resistance and maintenance before deciding on a particular material. Only then can you start building. After you have prepared the space, you now have to take the second step: build the outdoor kitchen and equip it with the necessary technical equipment. A lot here depends on your priorities. Some people just want a simple cooking and grilling area outside that looks rather spartan. Others strive for a modern outdoor kitchen where nothing is left to be desired. Most of the time, natural materials are mainly used in the construction of the garden kitchen, first of all natural stone and wood or their imitations and only then do you think about the furnishings.

Outdoor Küche gestalten und einrichten Trend ideen

Garden kitchen is very trendy!

The outdoor kitchens are permanent installations that have weatherproof and professional equipment. You shouldn’t miss anything here! So think in advance what exactly you need when cooking and grilling outside. A good grill device is a must here, as it is the heart of every outdoor kitchen! Then comes the hob, which can be designed as practically as possible so that you can really enjoy the food preparation. Rust-free kitchen appliances are popular here, and their maintenance is also not a problem. Running water and enough storage space for cookware, cutlery and the like are essential in the outdoor kitchen.

trendige Ideen Outdoor Küche gestalten und einrichten Naturstein Holz

A good grill is the heart of every outdoor kitchen!

trendige Ideen moderne Outdoor –Küche gestalten

The hotplate has to be designed to be practical and functional so that you can enjoy any work there

And last but not least, it has to be said: good food and open and interesting interpersonal communication go hand in hand. Therefore, create a zone outside where you can spend a lot of time with your family members and good friends. Eating and drinking in the fresh air goes hand in hand with lively conversation. Our tip is: create a cozy dining area in the immediate vicinity of your garden kitchen, where you can experience unforgettable moments with family and friends. The meals outside always leave fond memories in everyone. In this way you can make every dining outside an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Grill Bereich Ideen Trendige Outdoor Küche im Garten

Stainless kitchen appliances are a must in the outdoor kitchen

Garten Küche Gestaltung Design Ideen

Your entire kitchen equipment outside must ultimately be weatherproof and easy to care for

trendige Outdoor Küche Ideen Sitzecke unter Dach moderne Gartenküche

Experience many amusing moments outside while cooking and grilling

Outdoor Küche einrichten Ideen und Tipps

Spend your free time as interestingly as possible

trendige Outdoor Küche Ideen

Cooking and barbecuing with friends and family is really fun

trendige Ideen Outdoor Küche gestalten im mediterranen Stil

make every dining outside an unforgettable experience!

Outdoor Küche im Garten gestalten Bodenbelag große Fliesen Naturstein

Several chefs can work in this outdoor kitchen at the same time.

Kochen und Grillen im Freien Outdoor Küche gestalten Holz Naturstein verwenden

Enjoy outdoor cooking and grilling!

Outdoor Küche im Garten einrichten Ideen

Cooking outside in the fresh air would be a dream come true for many Germans!

Outdoor Küche klein bescheiden Esstisch gedeckt sehr gemütliche Atmosphäre Deko

When the weather is nice, you can cook, grill and sit together in the open air

Outdoor Küche gestalten keine Grenze zwischen drinnen und draußen modern

Let the border between inside and outside disappear and achieve a super modern design of the outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Küche trendige Gestaltungsideen

You feel best around the fireplace in the evening

Outdoor gartengestaltung küchenmöbel

At dusk or by candlelight you can spend romantic hours outside

bescheidene Außenküche trendige Gestaltungsideen Ziegelwände

bescheidene Außenküche trendige Gestaltungsideen

Outdoor Küche gestalten Grillgerät

Outdoor Küche gestalten Mosaikwände blau mediterraner Stil

Outdoor Küche gestalten trendige Ideen Gartenküche einrichten Ziegelwände Naturstein

Outdoor Küche trendige Gestaltungsideen eingebaute Feuerstelle viel Stein

Outdoor Küche gestalten moderne Küchengeräte Esstisch

Außenküche modern gestalten trendige Ideen am Pool

Gartenküche gestalten trendige Ideen

Outdoor Küche gestalten in der Großstadt auf dem Dach

Moderne outdoor küche gestaltungsidee

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