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Modern bathroom tiles guarantee a bathroom design that combines aesthetics with functionality

It’s hard to believe anyone could imagine a modern bathroom without tiles, right? Our most coveted oasis of wellbeing is in principle the most humid room in the house. The modern bathroom is used a lot not only for our daily rituals with regard to physical hygiene, but also as a place for pure relaxation and complete relaxation. Some homeowners prefer to take a hot shower after a stressful day at work. Others like to stay in the bathtub for hours and enjoy their peace and relaxation. And what do you say about a completely private spa area or wellness zone? There are so many design options open to you, with each one Bathroom design with tiles you can combine excellent aesthetics with modern functionality. We want to be of help to you today and show you great things Ideas with bathroom tileswho are sure to inspire you with new designs in your own bathroom.


Gray floor and wall tiles transform the bathroom into a cozy place

Nowadays, modern tiles are subordinate to functionality and aesthetics in the bathroom. Your job is to protect the walls from mold in this very humid room. At the same time, they serve as a design element so that we can create a cozy ambience in the bathroom. There are no limits to your design ideas and you can design your bathroom individually and imaginatively. Tiles in all possible color nuances, in different sizes and made from very different materials can be found in specialist shops. With such a large selection, your bathroom design concept and your personal taste come into play. You have to decide for yourself whether you like single or multi-colored tiles or prefer mosaic tiles and create great eye-catchers in the bathroom. Because modern tiles are also an undisputed means of decoration. With bathroom tiles, you can visually emphasize certain areas or corners in the bathroom or take them out of the scene. You can admire many specific examples in our picture gallery. We just want to say a little in advance: for example, you could use large-area dark floor tiles in combination with light-colored wall tiles and create visual contrast in the bathroom. At the same time, you create a unique atmosphere that exudes grandeur and a high standard of living. Or if you specifically use tiles in bright colors, you have an effective highlight on the walls in the bathroom. And since we write under the motto that aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand, we have to be very practical with the bathroom design with tiles and avoid any risk of slipping in this room. Therefore, choose non-slip floor tiles and ensure that all family members are safe and comfortable in the bathroom.

marble effect bathroom tiles

Floor tiles with a wood look are in great demand


You can use effective tiles to visually highlight a wall in the bathroom

When we write about bathroom design with modern tiles, we cannot ignore a well-developed trend: bathroom tiles in pastel tones are conquering the specialist market and in many cases determine the design of our personal oasis of well-being. There is no doubt that these make every bathroom look more spacious, brighter and more homely. Any design is possible, from puristic to minimalistic to classic. The modern bathroom tiles bring a strong aesthetic flair to the room and really let you feel calm and serenity. Most have a glossy finish that further enhances their aesthetic. Tiles with a wood look or made of natural stone are characterized by their high quality and durability. And so that we stay true to our topic, we want to list further practical advantages of modern tiles. They are all easy to care for and easy to clean, which is of particular importance to most homeowners. They are tough, super tough, and can serve you for years. Any investment in modern bathroom design will definitely pay off. Optics and design are certainly perfectly coordinated here!


Dark floor tiles paired with light-colored walls create a visual contrast and create a special atmosphere in the bathroom


Modern bathroom design – flowers that thrive in high humidity break through the monochrome design


Ceramics in shades of gray, wood and glass are skillfully combined

tiles-in-wood look

Modern tiles make the perfect bathroom, the look and feel match

bathroom tile ideas

If you like patterned tiles, be careful when combining them


A stylishly furnished bathroom exudes charm and comfort

luxurious bathroom tile ideas

Classic with a floral highlight on the wall


Modern bathroom design, where everything is color coordinated


with attention to detail stool bathroom


green plants a breath of fresh air in the bathroom mirror – hanging lamps


Beautiful floor wall tiles glass – wall lamp


Perfect bathroom patterned floor tiles

floor tile-wall tile-mosaic-bathroom-ideas-design

small bathroom modern wall tile ideas


Brass bathroom faucet a trend – modern bathroom design

bathroom design ideas

Modern bathroom black and white in contrast


Bathroom design patterned tiles


Floor tiles in wood look bathtub in the background


Modern bathroom patterned floor tiles


Wooden vanity console

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