Tv Shows Like Blindspot

The ABC drama series Blindspot had many similarities to its predecessor. It featured an episodic case-of the-week format, a humorous sense humour, and a long season-long story arc that revolved around spying. Jeffrey Donovan starred as CIA operative Michael Westen, a man who becomes blacklisted and becomes a private investigator. Bruce Campbell starred as Sam Axe, a wisecracking intelligence.

The show starts with the mystery of Jane Doe, a young woman found unconscious in a bag in Times Square with no memory. Her new identity is a mystery as she has no memory of where she came from or how she got there. She joins the FBI to assist the agents in their investigations. There are many similarities between White Collar and Blindspot, but there are also many twists and turns. So what are some of the similarities between Blindspot and White Collar?

Hanna, a Netflix series that focuses on the 2011 movie is another show that shares many similarities with Blindspot. Krysten Ritter plays the role of an anti-hero who is controlled and controlled by Kilgrave, a mental villain. While it’s not as funny or episodic as Blindspot, Jessica Jones has better action scenes and a richer mythology. It’s another action-packed series that will keep you hooked and entertained for hours on end.

Person of Interest is the story of a former CIA agent, who uses Social Security numbers in solving cases. The series also contains witty dialogue and action-packed sequences. The series is available on Netflix and is one of the best-selling crime thrillers in television history. It has five seasons and more than 100 episodes. It was praised for its complex storylines in its first season. Each season is dedicated to a different storyline but many of the characters remain the exact same.

The Mentalist is another good example of a show that features a strong psychological mystery. This series stars Simon Baker and follows Patrick John, a young man who uses his psychic abilities to help the CBI investigate a serial killer. In the end, he hopes to catch Red John, who is a sexy gangster. Although the show is a lot of observation and psychoanalysis, it lacks chemistry between its characters.

If you enjoyed Blindspot, you may want to check out The Blacklist. This show is based on the true story of FBI agent Raymond “Red” Reddington. It follows a secretive operation that involves a high-profile criminal. Although viewers aren’t told why he is helping the FBI, the plot will eventually be revealed. The series also features plenty of action-packed conspiracies and a humorous sense of humor from actor James Spader.

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