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The Renault Twizy Cargo is an evolution of the Renault Twizy Cargo: The Twizy is now a one-seater and can be loaded with around 75 kgformer shooting stars Renault Twizy. With the neologism of ‘twin’ for two-seater and ‘easy’ for simple operation, Renault launched a vehicle concept for inner-city traffic in spring 2012. The Twizy should combine the advantages of a car and a scooter: the purely electrically powered two-seater meanders through the city with zero emissions, quietly and agilely like a scooter. Thanks to four wheels, pedals and a steering wheel, however, the Twizy is as easy and comfortable to drive as a car or an electric quad. With a length of just 2.3 meters and a width of 1.2 meters, the Twizy can find a parking space even in the narrowest of spaces. The new Renault Twizy Cargo has a closed cargo area with a rear door for transporting goods – a development that makes perfect sense.

Renault Twizy Cargo: to invite

Already in the first year of its appearance, i.e. 2012, the Renault Twizy did not necessarily find the expected popularity. The VKP new registration figures cooled down even further in the following year 2013: Renault Twizy Cargo: At, the electric quad can be set up for workAccording to information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, no fewer than 2,296 Renault Twizy cars were newly registered in Germany from January to November 2012. In the same period of 2013, the figure was 739 units. The electric quad from France had a decline of 67.8 percent.
So Renault hadn’t really hit the mark with its fashion concept. On the one hand, the aim behind the new creation was to reduce fleet consumption overall, and on the other hand, the aim was to be trendy. But then there is a problem with the type of approval: Because with VKP approvals, the focus is not on fashion, but on work.
The new Cargo brings you closer to this goal of making work easier: the Renault Twizy Cargo is now designed as a single-seater. You can load up to 156 liters or 75 kilograms.
3.5 hours at a normal household socket are enough for a complete charging process. You can choose between two performance levels: the standard version delivers 13 kW (18 hp) and reaches a top speed of 80 km/h; the Twizy version 45 offers 4 kW (5 hp) and a top speed of 45 km/h and can be driven from the age of 16 with an ‘S’ driving license.


The fact that the Twizy, with or without the nickname ‘Cargo’, has even more expandability, Renault Twizy Cargo: fills the Twizy with a garbage canexplains in Ofterdingen. All sorts of useful accessories are offered here: in addition to (wing) doors with windows, there is also a loading area and transport boxes. All add-on parts have ABE or type approval for road approval, and in this way the Renault Twizy Cargo: Due to the expansion options of, the Twizy can also be useful in gardening and landscapingTwizy is even interesting for use in municipalities and caretaker services. “The possibilities are almost unlimited,” says Andi Koch from, who also equips the Twizy with a garbage can.
Unfortunately, the garbage can has not yet been included in the trendy Renault image, although it makes perfect sense. The Twizy would thus be suitable for work in inner cities, in gardening and landscaping (in areas with low ground pressure). In addition, due to its properties, it can be used in halls as well as in buildings.
The expansion options have not yet gone into series production, but are available from Andi Koch on request.


the RenaultRenault Twizy is available from a retail price of 7,180 euros. It is available as a two-seater or, now known as ‘Cargo’, as a one-seater with a loading option. Two different performance variants are available: an 80 km/h version and a 45 km/h version. chk

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